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irridium - January 18

Hi, I'm new to this because I followed a link to find out a little more about Ovulex. I placed an order for 1 bottle. My husband and I have been trying for 1 year. From everyone's message I see that a lot are irregular. My period is 28 days exactly and I've done the ovulation tests, I always ovulate on the 14th day, yet we've been counting for about 6 month and doing everything we can, but nothing. Had a good pap. did an ultrasound which showed a fibroid, but they said that doesn't affect anything. Everyone says, I'm thinking about it too much. any ideas if this medication shouldn't be taken if you're regular and ovulating?. I have an obgyn appt on the 31st. but is it bad to take if your cycle is regular. please answer and god bless everyone.
P.S. When do you actuall start taking the pill, I just ordered a bottle and I'm on my first period day.



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