will it ever happen????
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nicdel - October 26

Hi All, have posted on her before, but wanted to start a new thread, just a bit of background on me, i'm 26, partner 29, i miscarried this june at 17 weeks (a little girl called poppy) she also had down syndrome and passed due to heart failure.I have also had 2 very early miscarriages prior to this, had all genetic testing which has come back clear. These last 2 months me and my partner have been ttc, i am one day late for my af today and done a million tests in the last 4 days all of which have been a BIG FAT NEGATIVE, af still has not come and feeling so down, wondered if i still could be pregnant(but deep down i think i know i'm not) anyone else going through this feel so low!!!


linds99 - October 26

Hey nicdel, I just got my 13th straight negative this month, trying for 13 months now! I'm really sorry to hear about poppy, she is in heaven now, a guardian angel for your family. You got good news though, that your genetic testing came back clear! That is really good news...know that you are young and also have that on your side. It is ok to feel sad and down, but realize everyday that goes by is a day closer to you achieving your dream. Do you think you should get a blood test to verify the negative, since you have missed your period already?


Mega - October 26

Nicdel--I just wanted to say also how sorry I am to hear about your recent m/c. At 17 weeks, I can't imagine how hard that must be for you & your DP. I agree with linds also about getting a beta done since you are late for AF. But perhaps maybe you could wait another couple of days & then if no AF get a beta done. Good luck. It gets rough, but like linds said each day does get you 1 day closer to your dream of holding your precious baby. Well said, linds! Good luck, nicdel. And keep us posted.


JenG - October 26

Hi nicedel, if you are not pregnant, have you guys done a work up on reoccurring miscarriages?


stephva - October 27

I wish I had a penny for everytime I have asked myself that question over the past 4 years "will it ever happen?" although I could never see it at the time..the answer is yes. Let me give you a little history on me. I got pregnant at 19 unplanned with my son. I had a perfectly normal pregnancy & delivery. I was really young but my son saved my life and turned me around in a good way...so fast forward 5 years..after being in & out of bad realtionships, I meet my DH...we both want more kids (he doesn't have any) and I go off the pill & begin trying immediately, figureing we'd have no problems. Well I was wrong...I started skipping periods. So eventually we end up with a fertility spec. (at this point my regular GYN has had me on Clomid for 6 months) so we do and HSG, clear...ultrasounds look fine...the only diagnosis that can be found is PCOS because they claim I have insulin resistance (although they never once found any cysts) so we do IUI and it works. At 6 weeks I started to bleed...I was devistated..the thought of miscarriage had never crossed my mind. I go into a deep depression...quit taking all the meds, quit going to the Dr. etc. well I begin to feel a little better & go back to my GYN who puts me back on the Metformin (for the insulin resistance)...I take this for a year & nothing...so now we are up to November 2005 and I decide to see another Fertility Spec in my area...he wants to try injections for a few months & then straight to IVF. Well my insurance covers none of this and I can't afford it, so I quit seeing him. Spend a few more months on the Metformin trying on our own and nothing. And of course every month it's getting your hopes up just to have them come crashing down again. So over the summer I decide ok...if my 1 son is all I'm meant to have then I'm ok with that...I am done with ttc, I just can't take this anymore. I figure if nothing else at least I can save money on birth control. I stop taking the Metformin & put the idea of another child completely out of my mind...this was in August after my cycle started on the 7th. On September 16, I found out I was pregnant. I figured I was just late like so many times before...my DH had to go out & buy the test & remind me to take it. I had my first ultrasound on the 16th of this month & got to see the baby & a strong heartbeat. I still can hardly believe it. Just remember that everything happens for a reason, and while you are in the middle of it all it's hard to see that, but in the end God has a plan for all of us. Looking back, we have had several hardships over the past few years that would have only been complicated more had there been a baby at that time. Anyway, sorry this has gotten so long, but I have visited this board many times silently over the past few years rarely ever posting, and I have gotten comfort and encouragement from so many people here and I just felt lead to respond to your post, in the hopes that I could give you some. I hope that you do get your miracle very soon, best wishes



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