will it ever happen?
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april - May 17

hi everyone my name is april im am 17 and me and my fiance have been tryig for 6 months to have ababy but it hasnt worked yet ad i wast so much money on pregnancy test!!! today i am ovulating and yesterday we had sex twiced and i layed down for like and howr relaxing with my hips on a pillow i read on the net that would help! but i had sex everyday since i got off m period and i thjink i may be preg this time i have tender breast and cramoing but i want start until may 31! so i know its not menstration! help me as much as u can pleas!!! thanks alot!


Cutie - May 17

Hi April, You have a lot of chances to get preggo. If you are ovulating today and you BD yesterday try to have it tommorow...


april - May 17

thank so much i really appreciate it!!!


kelly - May 17

your 17! wow that still so youn gofr all this adult stuff i feel!


to kelly: - May 17

You should do a spell check before checking someone else


Gina - May 17

Pay no attention to Kelly, April. I am young too, but not as young as you. You will get pregnant when the time is right. It might be a good thing that your not pregnant so soon. There might be something you have to do before you are tied down with a baby. I have been ready to conceive , but i haven't been on my period in a year, because i stop taking my birth control. I think i'll just wait, instead of taking more birth control to regulate my periods.


kelly - May 18

you have a problem!as for pay no attention to kelly, people type fast and mispell, you need you head examined telling a 17 year old its cool to get pregnant!!!!if it happens by mistake understandbale but to try at 17 and not be worried about a prom, movies, dating, being a young girl that is just assinine!


to immaturity - May 18

i agree with kelly, as you people think it is just hey have a baby no worries, when there are people out there trying for a real family and married legit couples that cant concieve! not 17 year olds with fiance's and people encouraging teen sex!


Char - May 18

April - Don't worry about the people who tell you what you should and shouldn't be doing. Follow your heart and if you are unsure, turn to your family or the people/person that knows you best. I agree with Cutie and Gina... Just be patient with yourself and your body and when the time is right, it will happen! Good Luck!!


ignorence - May 18

obviously your all quite ingorent! follow your heart at 17!!!!people get real! why dont you tell her drugs are cool and smoking too!


ridiculous - May 18

If my daughter were planning her ovulation and worrying about a baby i would be pissed instead of her out enjoying life! and a fiance at your age, how long are you possibley together...marriage, and babies arent something to take so lightly and for a bunch of adults your acting like children i feel sorry for the way you will bring up your own children, allowing sex at a ridiculously young age! go to college, get a career, follow dreams, persue hobbies, then experience a baby as it is a life time commitment! you need to talk to your parents, friends, family tell them this plan see what they truly feel. parents and family with genuine concern wouldnt be happy such a young girl wants a child! people grow up!


Melissa - May 18

Ok.... just because she is 17 doesn't mean that she hasn't experienced prom or any of that. April never fully indicated her situation. And, just because she is not married does not mean that you are better of just because you are. I am 30 married for 8 years and we have a 3 year old son. Now, I do think that being married first is the ideal situation however, pushing my agenda on her is not going to make her change her mind. April is is asking for help like the rest of us. Maybe some of can enlighten her on how hard raising a child is at an older age with all the resources available let alone being so young. Like how hard it is to hear your infant screaming all night because they are sick, what it's like to sit up all night making sure your infant is breating because they have asthma and a cold and cant' breath. Then having to get up with them when they wake and want to play when you've clearly haven't gotten any sleep. Or what it's like to pay for medical bills without insurance (that one I do not know, but I see what my doctor bills my insurance and I couldn't afford it). Or what it's like when you have a 2 year old lay down on the floor in the grocery store and throw a temper tantrum just because he doesn't want you to push the cart, but he won't push it either. Or what it's like to be so angry that you feel like bursting. Do you have the ability to take that kind of aggression out in a different method other than on your child. Or what it's like to get up every 2 hours for the first 1 1/2 of your childs life. Wow! It's absolutely exhausting and hard to handle at an older age. I personally know I could not have done it at 17. If April is truly ready for all of this then somebody should ask if she still lives at home. And, if she does what her parents would do if she became pregnant (would you and your baby be out on the streets?). And, if all of this has been thought through let her know that college and all of the goals she has set for herself come SECOND after taking care of the needs of the baby. Also have the costs of a baby been taken into consideration? Diapers (first couple of months they go through about 10 a day) are about $9-$15 a package and that may last you anywere from 4 to 7 days. Then are you going to buy formula - that cost is outrageous. And the cloths, supplies and all other necessities (transportation to and from a doctor if necessary). Stuff like that. Then if that is truly what she is ready for somebody should mention that she should start charting her temps to verify o and that if she did just o that she probably has another day or two to try this month.


Kathy - May 18

ok I am going to put my veiw in, everyone has their own opinions, but it doesnt matter if you are 10, 17 30, 40 a baby is a full time job, married, single, divorced....do you have the pateince, the time to dedicate, the resources and support to help you understand a baby and their needs. are you emotionally and phsically ready to nurture and love and care for a baby, 24 hours a day, give up your time and put a child first, have the money for diapers, clothes, ointments, food, doctors, and still have money for yourself. timing is everything but to say she in the same situation as everyone else here, no we dont know her situation but i have to agree, with some other comments you need to be an adult, mentally, and all prepared to have a child, there are people here trying a very long time, not just saying hey i want a a baby and no big deal what the age is! she is still young, and has her whole life ahead of her. you need to have a sense of responsability, care for yourself, before you can care for others, especially a baby, do you know all the facts, no one i ever prepared, or ready, things and situations can just arrise, do you know what its like to have a colicy baby, or what to do if they have a fever, or to stare at the crib all night being afraid of sidds, or to be in a store and not have extra money but the child tamtrums for a toy you just cant afford at the moment yet it is making a scene and you dont know what to do, how about other realistic aspects: schooling how are the schools in your area, are you already saving for everything a child needs, do you have proper medical coverage not only for the baby but for your maternity visits, and hospital bills that may hit you after the baby comes, you need to be financially stable and set. are your parents supportive have you told them your plan? and being married at least puts some stability in the childs life having two figures to look up too, no 17 year old wants to be stranded with all this responsibilty and be a single parent. whatever God wants and plans, all the best to you!


to melissa - May 18

in response to being married mind your business and dont put me down for being married i am not a child and the way your acting obviously, youimmature condoning a child to have sex and follow ovulation and adult situations! and i know i am in a loving long time marriage with children and its a big difference to be stable then unsure of yourself! dont think be so sure of your self that your better just because you had a child young to, and if this girl april still lives at home gets away with sleeping around with a fiance then her parents need to open their eyes! you melissa seem to have some growing up to do yourself, and your situation dont seem so peaches and cream either! misery likes company, obviously thats you, telling a child such assinine crap about following your heart in teen years!


Melissa - May 18

In response to "to Melissa". Clearly you did not read my response fully. I am 30 had a child a 27 after being married for 5 years. I do think that being married is best, but I also think this is not the place to push our agendas on other people. I agree with Kathy (if you would have read my posting). Having a child is hard enough at an older age with a good job, good insurance, and a stable relationship. I do not condone premarital sex at all, let alone of a 17 year old. But, we should all explain the reasoning why a child may not be what she wants other than 'you are too young'. I think you need to consider your thoughts before you attack others that are here for support.


response - May 18

you, old age is a matter, belive it ornot it plays a role on how you handle situations, if you are young you may not be as patient and understanding to a childs needs, but with time expeirence comes with it. finding diferent ways to handle things etc. if you havent experienced something how can you predict being ready at any age that is!


april - May 18

ok first of all i will be 18 verry soon and i am not in school anymore but i am taking a ged test online and second dont judge me because you dont know me and third the day i wrote the message i was typing really fast!! and also i know how to deal with childer i raise 3 of my sisters children and i am a baby sitter and i have been with my fiance for 6 years we met in school! so thanks for all the good advice anf go to hell for all u people who wants to be stuck up bratty ass bitches!



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