Will I ovulate?
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Melissa - December 30

Hi, I had a miscarriage in October. I got my period December 16th. I am not on the 15th day of my cycle. I have been using the ovulation predictor sticks since day 10 and keep getting negatives. Is it possible that I will not ovulate this month??


isa - December 30

Yes its possible but also possible you will. I like you had problems Oct (I had a chemical pregnancy) and my Nov af went for 40 days (I"m usually 25-28 day cycle) but I kept watching my temps and on cd 29 I ovulated. Obviously had a short luteal phase with a 40 day af but at least I o'd on my own. Part of my probs I think was I had 4 very large cysts (that are now gone yeah!) but it can happen. I unfortunately stopped doing opk's due to the cost (I get 5 for $52.99 where i live) so after 8 or 9 days I finally gaveup. Had i not been temping I never would have known i ovulated so late. dont get discouraged it may just be late. I too thought I wasnt going to ovulate. I have charted for 12 months and never saw a month like mine. Having an anovulataory (no ovulation) once in awhile is normal in healthy women also .Try not to worry too much and maybe it will happen.


lois - December 31

Hi, Melissa. I'm in the same boat. I had m/c in Sept, d&c in Oct and I can't get clear OPKs since. Before the m/c I got clear + on d15 or 16, I am now d17 and and the result line is slightly lighter than test line. It's been like that since d14. The problem is I'm doing IUI w/ frozen sperm, so at $800+ /month I certainly can't just wing it. Is it possible that it takes longer for cycles to get back on track?



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