will i ever get pregnant?
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Faye - July 15

Hey Everyone! Me and my Fiance have been together 3 years, we havent used contraception for the last 2 years, but have only really started trying for a baby 9 months ago... its difficult because my periods are irregular, at the minute im feeling a little depressed as my friend has had a baby 6 days ago and she wasnt even trying.... she didnt even realise she was pregnant until she was 3 months pregnant and she'd been out partying drinking smoking etc... and she has has such a beautiful little boy, so im feeling a little resentful i guess. anyways, my doctor says my irregular periods are nothing to worry about and ive been taking folic acid for around 5months.... i do not smoke and my finace quit smoking about 7months ago.... is there any little tricks i can try? i stay lay down with a pillow under my hips after sexual intercourse.... why is trying to get pregnant so hard?


Drew - July 15

Hi Faye! It's so frusterating when people who weren't even trying end up pregnant. I would seek a second opinion on your cycles. It is important to have regular cycles when trying for a baby. In the mean time, you should buy a basil body thermometer. You can find them in places like Wal-Mart, and most pharmacies. Places like fertilityfriend.com will provide charts for you, and they will also let you know when they detect ovulation. Ovulation predictor kits will help too. And yes, even though the whole pillow under your hips is very controversial here, it does help. Just don't raise them too high, cause the sperm will go behind your cervix, rather than into it. One pillow is usually enough. I hope some of this helped, and good luck!! ~~~Baby Dust~~~



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