will i ever get pregnant?
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crystal - March 7

I am only 23 and have been trying for a year now and no luck. Been using the ovulation predictor and i am ovulating but no conception. We have both been checked out and doctor says we're fine. I cry everymonth when i start my period. Plus we've been together five years without protection and nothing. will i ever get my baby? I'm starting to think I won't. Please give me advice


sqeekers - March 7

Crystal, I feel your pain. We have been going through the same thing for 3 years. I wish had some words of wisdom for you but right now I am struggling through this myself waiting for the magic answer. You might want to talk to your doctor about it, and see if there is anything else you might try. Good luck to you.


Dkos - March 7

hi Crystal, i wish i had advice to give you, but unfortunately i am in the same situation as you are. my dh and i have been together for 4 yrs and have never used protection either. i have been to the doctor and she told me that besides having a slightly tipped uterus, there is nothing wrong with me. my dh has not gone in to get checked yet (as he is in denial that it could possibly be him). i told him that if we dont get pregnant by the end of this year that he doesn't have a choice and he will be going in to get checked. i'm just hoping that a low sperm count is our only problem because that can be easily fixed. i cry every time my af shows up too. it's so hard to stay positive with years of negative results, but i try to keep my head up and think there's always next month. well if you ever need anyone to talk to (or cry with), i will be here for you. i hope that this year brings us both a positive hpt and healthy babies. good luck and i'll talk to you later! :o) *baby dust*


Dkos - March 7

hi sqeekers! i was posting when you were...i hope that you get a bfp this year and a healthy baby as well. how long are your cycles? are either of you on meds? i'm not taking any currently...i'm waiting for my dh to get the courage to go into the doctor and give a sample so we can go from there. i just started charting bbt's and i'm taking prenatals right now, but that's about it. see ya girls!


mihka - March 7

hi crystal....
my advice to u is to see fertility specialist as read my story i went to my gynec in june2005 and did all my blood work & HSg all was normal,but still no conception ...we tried for 11 mths then we thot of going to fertility specialist it was costly but i went and found out i have high prolactin level and u know my gynec had all my blood work except prolactin level.. i felt so frusturated that i spent 11 mths knowing that i am normal & i have unexplained infertilty .. So my suggestion is to see whetner u had ur TSH<FH<ESTRADIOL<PROLACTIN level checked on ur 3 rd day of periods or not ....Please see a specialist or ask ur doctor to give u blood report and see which test u had ....Now i am taking medicine to low down my prolactin level....hoping to get pregnant soon ..best of luck


Crystal - March 7

Thanks for your support. It feels like years and years of trying. We have both quit smoking and drinking and everything, plus excercising. I hate when the doctors tell you everything is fine yet your stuck wondering then why am i not pregnant yet. I'm glad i'm not alone. Our doctor told us for 10,000 they can take my eggs out and his sperm and in a glass dish impregnant my eggs. then implant them inside me and i would then just carry our baby till birth. we're seriously considering that. I know it's expensive but worth it. All my relatives,mom, sister, cousin, got pregnant at the drop of a dime, several times. I don't understand. They tell me they would carry a baby for me, that's sweet but i want my own blood. thanks for the support girls. luvs..and good luck. i hope and pray we all conceive this year


Dkos - March 8

hello. yeah, i agree-it sucks when the doctors tell you everything is fine and your left wondering why you're not pg then. but atleast you know that there are no major problems (health wise) and that you have something to work with. $10,000 is a lot of money, but it's worth it if you can have your baby in the end. i know there are places out there that offer programs where they will refund most of your money if you dont get pg within 3 cycles of IVF, have you asked if they offer that? yeah, most of my relatives have gotten pg pretty easily as well....we call my aunt "fertile Myrtle" cause she has 7 kids.lol at least your family is supportive and want to help you...it's good to have that kind of support when going through things like this. well, hopefully you'll get pg whether it's naturally or with IVF. talk to you later!



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