Will Clomid help, if I am already ovulating?
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Deb - December 13

My dh and I have had every test done but a laproscopy, which my doc doesnt think I need, and all is fine..but my doctor suggested our next step is to take a small dose of clomid. I dont have problems ovulating, so why would he put me on Clomid? Any ideas? Anyone gotten pregnant who regularly ovulated and on Clomid? Please help!


Ann - December 13

Deb, I am in the same situation as you--all tests fine (am oing) and my dh's test was fine. I had a laproscopy as well. Now, I am on my 3rd clomid cycle. My dr is also doing iui for me (done once and doing another tomorrow). If you use clomid, sometimes you release more than one egg, so maybe he is giving you additional chances.?.? I don't know if your cycles are regular (mine are like clockwork, but my dr still put me on it), but clomid (I think) is also used to regulate the cycles. How long have you been ttc?


Ann - December 13

Deb, also, I ended up having endo, which they didn't know I had until they did the laproscopy. So, it is possible to need one without seeing any signs. I had a small spot on an ovary (on sono), and then they did the lapro and found all the endo. I had no endo signs at all.


Deb - December 13

Hi ANN. Thanks for posting!!!! I havent had the laproscopy cause am afraid to get it. I am very normal but ever since my HSG 2 months ago, I have been a few days early for the past 2 cycles. I am waiting for the doc to call me back today about possibly going on the Clomid. He had mentioned if it didnt happen this month, then we can go that route, and it didnt happen this month. I just got af yesterday (yuck). So I just want to make sure this wasnt going to cause us more harm then good! Thanks for posting! I am going on ttc now for 9 mths. How about you? I am hoping next he will do the IUI! My friend got pregnant with that! Was your endo at the stage where it could prevent you from having kids?


Deb - December 13

Hi Deb, we have been ttc for a year and 7 months now. After a year, they started trying to figure out why. The lapro was not fun, but it really wasn't bad and I had several things wrong and got really sick from the anesthesia. The hsg is actually the worst, most painful thing I have done so far. The endo was definitely to the stage where it could prevent pg and it had attached to several places (had to call in a 2nd surgeon to get some of it). Plus, blood was pooling in my stomach. I was surprised I had no symptoms. We will know it was likely the endo if I get pg soon. I have 3 follicles this time and am going in for iui in a few hours. I am sorry to hear that witch af arrived at your house. That is good your dr is willing to give you clomid after just trying 9 mos. Sometimes drs want to wait a year. Maybe the clomid will do the trick for you. How old are you? Good luck to you!!


sherry - December 13

that happened with me. i ovulated every month, but still went on 1 round of clomid, and got pregnant. it helps make more then 1 mature egg, which increases your chances of concieving, so that is why it was perscribed. good luck


Deb - December 13

Sherry thats great news! I hope I am as lucky as you and it helps me. I am on my 9th month ttc and want a baby so bad! Did you get pregnant recently? Are you on a normal 28 day cycle? What days did you have to take the Clomid? Sorry for all the questions but just looking to have the best chance to conceive soon!


Ann - December 13

OOPS, Deb, I accidentally entered your name above instead of my own!!


Deb - December 13

Hi Ann. Well the doctor is friends of the family, and I have been off bc since Jan..so he considers that to be a year. I really am curious about the endo and would like to get the lap, but am too scared!! I will give it a few more months and see what happens. If nothing still...I will inquire more about the lap!!! I am 32 and ttc #1. How about you? Thanks and good luck to you too! Hopefully it will happen for the both of us!


Ann - December 13

Hi Deb, you are still young. I think you are doing the right thing waiting a while longer before looking into other causes. Hopefully, clomid will be the little boost you need. I am 36 and ttc my first as well. I really hope it works this time...the next two weeks will be soooo long.


Deb - December 14

Thanks Ann! Good luck to you. I hope this is the boost I need and we are pregnant before you know it. I wonder how mnay people get pregnant on the first round of clomid? I just hope this helps! I am due to ovulate on xmas so I hope to have fun and enjoy each other instead of it just being a chore!



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