Wild Yams
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diem - August 7

Anyone ever heard of using Wild Yam supplement to help conceive?


SANN - August 8

Hi Diem, I have wild yams in my prescriptions(traditional chinese med). I think it works .. did get pg last time but mc cos baby stopped growing. Are thinking of taking wild yam supplements to help ov? I'm thinking of taking extra wild yam supplements too. Best wishes


slowpoke01 - August 8

i have read that eating wild yams increases your chances of having multiples.


diem - August 8

Ohhh. Multiples would be good :)


diem - August 8

I just started taking the Wild Yam supplement yesterday. Hoping that it helps ovulation. Good luck to all of us!


SANN - August 9

Hi ladies : ) Slowpoke, I read too some time ago but I can't remember which journal. I recall, it's a research with Nigerian women. Diem, mind if you keep me posted. Good luck!


diem - August 9

SANN, I will keep you posted. :)


slowpoke01 - August 9

SANN yeah they did a study and said that these women i think in a little country in africa or somewhere said that this little town had the highest mutiple birth rate than anywhere and they studied them and found out that their diet consists mostly of wild yams


lovemy3 - August 9

Is their a difference between "wild" yams and the regular yams in the vegetable dept of the grocery store?


diem - August 9

The wild yam I was taking is in pill form....found it at GNC.
I've decided to stop taking it as I feel I am allergic to it. My throat has been itching and my tongue a wee bit swelled. I have canker sores in my mouth. I am allergic to plants and since it is a root I think I'm allergic.


slowpoke01 - August 9

diem so sorry about your reaction to it.


SANN - August 10

Hi ladies : ) Diem ... sorry for your reaction. Is it gone today? Did you take anything else at the same time, prenatal vits or any other fertiltiy blend or ???? Did you drink lots of water as recommended by the nutritionist(GNC)? Slowpoke ... yeah, that's what I read too. I would love to twins, 1 for dh and 1 for me : ) Lovemy3 ... I don't it's quite the same. The wild yams I see in my prescriptions ... it's white and the regular ones(we have here) are kind of greyish light purple. Try searching under Dioscorea Villosa on the web, you'll be a ble to find some info.


diem - August 10

He ladies...My tongue and throat feel back to normal today. I didn't take any Wild Yams this morning. The only thing I was taking along with it was prenatals. I stopped taking the wild yams and started on FertilAID today. Hope it goes better for you all. Just be careful if you are allergic to plants (or anything else outside like I am) It's amazing how many canker sores appeared on my tongue and how pasty it got. It almost felt like I burned the heck out of my mouth but the canker sores really hurt. Thank goodness it's gone today.

Good Luck to everyone else!


diem - August 10

By the way. I read that you could overdose on Wild Yams too. You'll know if you get bad diahrea and rashes. Be careful and take only what is recommended (I read this on some internet site).


newmommy - August 11

I don't know how many studies are out there and if this one's right, but I just read last night in the book "The Everything Getting Pregnant Book" that wild yam is one of the herbs to AVOID while trying to conceive! For those taking it, it may be worth checking into. **babydust**


SANN - August 11

Hi Diem, glad to hear you'r feeling better. What did your doc say about the allergy? Re : Wild yams roots - I read, in chinese medicine ... it a warming herb, too much of it will cause your body to be too "heaty" and being too "heaty" you may had sores in your month/tongue and your mouth feels warm(maybe hot even). And the rashes ... my physician said if our body gets too "heaty" we may out in rashes .. yikes : ( She said, herbs especially for feritlilty, it's usally the "warming" kind (best for the womb). Well .. she ordered not to eat fried foods, drink plenty of water and eat lots of veg. when on fertility herbs. Nutritionist @ GNC said, not to take herbs with prenatal vits at the same time, take them separately ... at least 3-4 hrs apart and the same goes for any fertility blend too cos they may have herbs in them too. What does FertilAid contain? I've of it mentioned quite a few times. Hope it works for you. Good luck : )


SANN - August 11

Hi Newmommy, thanks so much! What does it say (the book)? Does it say not to take it after ov? Who's the author? Please let me know, I would like to find out more about wild yam roots. Yikes : ( I have them in my meds. Thanks again.



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