wil i be able to get preg??
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sis - March 25

me n my husband has been trying for a baby for 6 months. but everytime of sex i use to be on top coz its for both of us satisfaction. im really worried abt this. is it possible to get pregnent while im on top during the time of having sex??


hi - March 25

yes it is possible xx


Silvie - March 25

HI sis, we were trying to get pregnant for more than 8 months..eventually we succeded with one shot of Clomid.when I knew it was about time of ovulation,I made my hubby be on top, or when Iwas ontop I would lie down on my back with my legs up for couple of minutes after sex, to make sure most of juice flows into my uterus to meet the egg. Either way is good,but generaly man on top is best for conceiving.


vicky - April 6

hi hun i concieved my son 4 years ago and it was my hubby on top doing all the work. good luck



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