why pregnancy tested don't like me?
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Sande' - December 3

I know they don't like me...because they never say what i need them to say...look at it and look at it until i make my self see a line....lol..you know how you stare a a picture for a long time and things happen...well i look until one line looks like to...somebody please say you have did this too.....i throw them in the trash and say i know i wasn't anyway but then i have to go through the trash to see if it changed...lol....i know i am not by myself ...are taken 2 and the next day buy another and af comes....come on now i know it's not just me...it seem like everytime i buy a test af comes...is that a calling card...let me find out...i should have stock in the company as many test that i have bought....lol...i wish i could buy one that came with and auto pos...well i know i am not by myself..let me change that ...i hope i am not by myself...lol


Holly - December 3

Sande..Guilty..I have done the same thing too.. that darn evaporation line drives me nuts!! lol Not a bad idea buying stock in the company..lol No worries.. you are not alone.. :o)**Dust**


Sande' - December 3

i knew i couldn't be by myself......thanks Holly


amanda - December 5

sande..hahaha,,this post is so familiar..this has happened to me more than once..once u test, and dont see what u want too, soon after you throw them away, and about five minutes later walk by and dig it out of the trash to see just if maybe maybe it might of changed for u and so that u can see the second line that u wanted to see in the first place..your not alone..trust me..hey gurl, GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO YOU AND ALL!!!


Sande' - December 5

Amanda....i know i have did that so many times...have you bought 2 test and the 1st - and say well i am not going to test again and b4 the day is out you took it and want another....it's like a drug....lol



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