Why is femera better than clomid?
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J.D. - August 28

Hey ya'll. I'm new, can anyone tell me about femera if you have taken it?Right now I've been taking 150mg clomid for about 8 months.The clomid makes me cramp really bad and it makes me even more depressed and bitchy. I appreciate any comments. Jen


slowpoke01 - August 29

hi i have not taken femara but i will bump this back up because i know there are some girls out here that have taken it and can help.


skeeter - August 31

I'm on cycle 4 with Femara. My dr doesn't like clomid. He said that with the clomid you get the cramping, and the emotional swings as well. The only side effect of Femara that I've had is headaches while taking it. They're not that bad though. My dr said that trying to conceive when you're having problems conceiving is emotional enough. He doesn't think that it's fair to add more to it.


slowpoke01 - September 1

i am gonna bump this up again so others who are on femara may see it and respond good luck


K - September 5

Clomid can thin your uterine lining and Femara will not do that. That is why most REs will not let you take Clomid for more than 6 months without taking at least a couple of month break. Femara you can take as long as you need it. Femara leaves your system pretty quickly (short half life), while Clomid stays around longer and can cause side effects even when you aren't taking the pills. Also, Femara has alot less side effects than Clomid. My RE says that his office is seeing more Femara babies than Clomid babies. He usually tries Clomid for a few months, and if that hasn't worked he switches to Femara. I tried both, and I definitely prefer Femara. The regimen is pretty much the same (5 days of pills), but the dosage of Femara is smaller- the pill is so tiny I was always afraid I was going to drop it and not find it. I was on Clomid three months and the side effects weren't too bad for me, but I did feel a little fuzzy the days I took it (like I had a drink or two), but I didn't get pregnant. I took Femara for two months. One month I had no side effects at all, and the second month I had a very slight headache a couple of the days that I took it. I got pregnant the second month of Femara.


JenDuck66 - September 5

Hi Jen...I just started taking Femera last month and felt nothing different...I took clomid for 1 month and couldn't tolerate it at all, it made me short of breath!! I'm getting ready to try Femera again this month...They say that Femera doesn't stay in your system very long...You take it the same way as clomid on day 3-7 then start start ovul kit on day 10 and you have your progesterone drawn on day 21!! It made me ovulate last month early on day 10 actually and I'm usually a late ovulater that's why I have a hard time getting pregnant!! Definately ask you r Dr about it...It would probably agree with your body better than the clomid!! Good luck!! JENNY :)


J.D. - September 6

skeeter,k,jenny,thanks for the advice,I think I might ask the doc if I can try that for a couple of months before I try the iui.


skeeter - September 6

Another bonus that I cannot believe I failed to tell you about. Femara is originally used to treat breast cancer, so insurance companies cover it because it's not considered a fertility medication, yet.



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