why i pay $1000 for my HSG procedure?
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help me pleaseee - October 11

hi frnds.. anyone paid $1000 for the HSG as i have to pay... my insurace said it is Infertility Rx so u have to pay... first i paid 400 and now i am getting billof $ 600.what shud i do ,they never told me about that...
which insurance i take.....help me


CC - October 11

I work with insurance companies for a living. They should have given you a fee upfront, especially for infertility that you were responsible for paying. 1000.00 sounds high for a hsg ( I work at a hospital and hospitals usually charge more then DR office's, so I guess it depends where you had it done) but we dont charge that much. Call the place where you had the procedure and discuss it w/ them. Often times, if they know you are having to pay cash, they will offer you a discount. Good luck!!


help me pleasee - October 11

yeh i had my HSG in the hospital,they told me that u have to pay $400 and i said is that it ,she said yes as my insurance was not paying anything,but today i got another letter that u have to pay $605 for the doctor& the dye..i felt so bad as they never told me ,to whom i blame...it so painful and also not getting pregnant is much painful & frustrating .......thanx cc for the help.. where shud i call to ask them they never told me about the hidden cost?


Toni - October 11

Hospitals etc don't always know what is covered with your insurance until they submit it. I would call your ins. com. and see what is covered for yourself. Before you have any more surprises. I thought most ins. companies at least covered finding out what is wrong with you. Do you have a deductible?


help me pleasee - October 12

my insurance company said it is for infertilty ,,,not covered


CC - October 12

When it comes to infertility most providers know up front what will and wont be covered. Infertility is usually a carve out in your insurance policy. Calling your insurance company is good advice from Toni to verify that is wasnt covered. My guess is the hospital is only charging 400.00 but the radiologist and the Dr doing the hsg have their own fees and arent covered under the hospital payment. Really, the hospital should have informed you of that. Call the place that is sending you the bill for the additional 600.00 and see if you can work something out with them. Explain that were you only told about the hospital fees up front and had no idea you were going to owe more money. They may be able to help you at least cut the cost some.


help me please - October 12




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