why has AF not come after PROGESTERONE?
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patrizia - April 16

I took my last progesterone pill 2 weeks ago and still no AF ? HAS this haapened to anyone ? what should i do. i did take a hpt 6 days after my last pill -bfn. now it is 15 days since my last pill and nothing.. i did spot a bit when i was taking the progesterone (i took them on days 16 to day 25 of my cycle ) has anyone been in this situatiuon ? what should i do now ?


patrizia - April 16

sorry to be annoying. i am bumping this because i really could use some help. i have no idea what to do in this situation. i thought progesterone would bring on af ?


Blakey - April 16

Hi patrizia~
I do know that being on pregeterone can delay your peiod, by several days.... but typically you should get it shortly after that. 2 weeks does seem like a long time, especially if you were on pills or suppositories. I know thatthe injections can delay it for a little longer...but again, 2 weeks I would thin it would have shown up by now. Did you call your RE? I think I would call your doc, and talk to him/her...or your team nurse, just for peace of mind. Could you be pregnant?? Again, I would advise calling your doctor. Also, how long were you on progesterone?? If you were on for a long time, your levels could be high, and that would also delay period. Good luck to you~


dunne - May 5

Hi Patrizia, I just went thru the same thing and my doc said you should get your af by 2 weeks max...i went for an u/s and my lining is not even thick which usually happens if the af does not arrive and so she is also checking my fsh. When I first had it checked it was 11 which is a bit high but not outrageous, I still had a chance but now she thinks my ovarian reserve is depleted and the fsh has gone even higher. Anyway, I won't find out until Monday. Of course, I am 43 and this is the first time we have tried for a baby...have you had any luck yet at all? Sam


patrizia - May 9

no...no luck at all yet. now have have to go for another hysteroscopy...( i just had one done in january) and an endometrioum biopsy....these situationa are so overwhelming and hard to deal with !


dunne - May 10

Hi Patrizia, I went to the doc today, it has been 3 weeks since I finished the Provera and still no af. Doc did an fsh and u/s last week and she says I have a small cyst which is why I did not get af. She has now put me on birth control pill to bring af on and then I will take clomid 100mg for days 3-7. I hope that you also find a solution, did your doc mention a cyst at all? Mine says it is secreting estogen which causes a problem for af...Sam



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