Why don't I have any CM???
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Christina - December 13

DH & I have been ttc for several months. AF is very regular & I know that I ovulate, but I produce very little CM. I have been trying different things...cough syrup, grapefruit juice...etc...but nothing seems to work. Could this be why we are not conceiving??? If so, what do I need to do??? Please help!!


Allie - December 13

Hi Christina, Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you, but I am in the same situation as you. I tried pre-seed this month, but unfortunately that didn't work for us. Good luck and hope we get an answer!


Christina - December 13

Allie-is pre seed supposed to help the sperm swim? When DH & I bd, there is no dryness. Do you think that we should try pre seed? Thanks!


Mega - December 13

Hi Christina. If you're not having EWCM, PreSeed might be an option for you. Thicker CM could be a barrier keeping the spermies from getting to your egg. I'd definitely think PreSeed might help. IUI's might help too, but PreSeed is much cheaper. :) Also, have you had your DH tested? There may be male issues too. HTH. Good luck!


JDD - December 13

Christina, I just had this conversation with my ob/gyn because I don't have a lot of ewcm - but I do have milky cm. She said everyone is different - that I should track my temperature or use an OPK. Good luck.


Christina - December 14

Thanks everyone! So far I have tried charting BBT & OPK's. I had the rise in temps indicating I was ovulating. With the OPK's, my lines got progressively darker for a few days, but I'm not sure if they ever really got darker than the control line. Like I said, this month I am taking cough syrup, eating baby carrots & drinking lots of grapefruite juice...all of which I have heard help EWCM. So I am going to keep my fingers crossed! I think that I'll go ahead & order some pre seed & see how that works out. I have a pelvic u/s scheduled for next month if I am not pregnant by then. I'm really hoping I won't have to go to that appt.!!


Christina - December 14

One more question...have any of you heard if evening primrose oil actually does help create EWCM? I've thought about taking it, but I don't like taking things w/o knowing how my body is going to react!!! Thanks! :)



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