Why do we have to TTC for 1 year before...
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CB - June 5

Why do we have to TTC fpr 1 year before we can get tested for infertility problems? Is it insurance? Is it that we need to give it that much time? Is there anyway to get tested sooner than 1 year? Anyone know?


Mondo - June 5

HiCB,I think things are diffrent in the U.S (if thats where you are lots of you ladys seem to be).Here in Aus it isnt a time thing,it depends a lot on your docs understanding,or your age,your and your partners health background.Have you talked to your doc?


hey cb - June 6

its 9 months in the uk,i think it would just be a waste of time and money getting tested before then(from the docs point of view)as it takes time to get pregnant,we just have to give it time!


Melissa - June 6

Hi CB. My dr. told me that they generally want you to wait 1 year to ensure that you haven't got your timing wrong and all that. However, she tested me a LOT sooner (6 months) because I was charting and said she could tell I wasn't missing my timing. Have you been charting? But, I do also know that it depends on your situation. I'm 30 and already have 1. They say after trying for 6 months for #2 you are "technically" infertile. And for #1 the "technical" term gets applied at 1 year. But, I wouldn't see why you couldn't get hormone levels tested. Have you?



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