why do we do our selves like this?
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lori - October 20

Month after month we do th same thing.How do all these other people get pregnant?Is there really as many womwn out there like m.If you are having problems geting pregnant please tell me how long.It sounds like alot of womwn and i am one of them.I have been trying for 6 months.Please tell me yor stories and how long you have been trying!


MONICALIA - October 21

HEy Lori - I hear you! Othes make is seem so easy & here we are - living, eating, sleeping & breathing TTC.... I am in the NO AF ON THE 23rd thread - Come on by if youre needing some support - we all gotta stick together! Baby Dust to you.... Cheers, Monica


lori - October 21

Thankyou i will do that


Mega - October 21

Hey Lori. Hang in there! I've been ttc for 14 months now. I'm working with a great RE now though & feel pretty confident it'll happen soon. I've got to keep the faith or I'll go even crazier! LOL! My story: I was dx with PCOS in April, been on Metformin for it since August. My DH has a high sperm count, but very low (5%) morphology. I just came off 100 mgs of Clomid & we're doing our first IUI on Monday. So, there really are a lot of us out there. Good luck, Lori! Babydust.


Char - October 21

Lori, you seem to share the same frustration as most of us. It has been over three years for me now, just unexplained... The thing that really bothers me the most is the three of my closest friends have gotten pregnant within the last year. Seems like all they have to do is just look at a penis - they have no infertility issues AT ALL, so when i try to explain it to them that i can't get pregnant in a snap like they can, they just don't understand which frustrates me even more. I do not like the feeling of 1)Having no close friends to talk to about it because they haven't experienced the same thing, and 2) feeling like less of a person/woman because I can't conceive as quickly as they can. Kinda feel like an outsider to my friends sometimes... And my dh wants a baby so bad, he must be feeling the same way... Anyway guys, thanks for being here! :)


lori - October 21

Char i am here for you anytime i really do understand you!How old are you?I am so worried i cant get pregnant and four of my best friends have either had babies this year or are pregnant now.Why not me half of them did not even want a baby.lets talk maybe we can make each other feel better.I hope you get pregnant.


Char - October 22

Lori, I am 23, My dh and I live a stress free life, things are pretty simple right now... And I know where you are coming from with your friends, most of my friends who are pregnant or have had a baby within the last year or so haven't even wanted one either... I have single friends who got pregnany by accident... It's just weird... How old are you? Has your partner been tested?


corsicafrance - October 22

hey, I hear u all! I'm in the same boat, worst of all, I'm living in France (DH is french). All DH's friends seem to be very functional baby machines, announcing their pregnancies left & right (some of them already on their way to 3rd babies within 3 yrs!). I find their comments like, "oh, I don't know, we didn't even try, it just happened like that!" very annoying. I wish it can be the same for us, whenever I hear them giving such insensitive comments such as "ooh, everybody say it'll take years but we're like, always pregnancy on first month we try!" just pissed me off! To make everything worst, they like to ask me questions like, oh, are u trying too, how long have u been trying, making me feel like a loser for not being able to conceive "just like that" like them (may be that's also why I hate to speak French, as I'm not exactly fluent, when I get nervous or embarrass or emotional, I'll either stutter or can't speak at all, so, make me look even more like an idiot in these occasions). Every month when AF arrives, I just sit in the toilet & cry. This month I'm going all the way, gonna start on vicks cough syrup, OPK, BBT...really hope that I'll be pregnant this cycle!


Char - October 26

Corsica, I really hope it happens for you this month. I have been using OPK this month.... according to my cycle, i should be ovulating today, but nothing showing up on the test... So I don't know. We BD when we were supposed to this month and like you, I too feel horrible everytime AF shows up. You would think that every month it gets easier, but in reality it gets harder and harder, and those friends that brag and brag really don't help! Sometimes I Don't want to be around them at all!!


Lynn - October 26

Hey girls. Can I join in. I'm 32 and my hubby and I have been TTC for 10 mos. My sister has had two beautiful children with no problems and My sister-in-law 3 beautiful children with no problems. We want a baby so badly, but it just isn't happening. Every month is the same thing. We are trying not to stress, but sometimes it is just so nerve-racking to think we did it and then I get my period. My sister and I have always wanted our children to grow up together, but she is already two ahead and I just can't have ONE!! I'm not on any medication to conceive at this point, but my doctor said if I do not get pregnant by December/January (one year of trying) then she will do some further tests. Best of luck to all of you. I am Ovulating on Sunday (10/30). I HOPE HOPE HOPE it happens this time for us!!!


AnnaR. - October 26

Hey lori & ladies,
Don't feel to bad i have been trying for 3 yrs or more for baby #2, My first one was no problem at all but after the weight just suddenly appeared i had the hardest time with my menstrual being regular and just not ovulating. So now i decided to stop trying naturally and checkin into some fertility meds! Sad because i wanted to do it all natural like the first but i think i have waited long enough. I feel your pain ladies and even though i already have 1 baby his 4 yrs old now i want him to have a play mate, and everyone around me keeps saying "when are you going to have another one" EVERYTIME. Im just getting sick of it.
Good luck to you all and hang there, i will keep you all posted. I heard alot of good news with fertility meds so we will see. Baby dust to you all.


Char - October 26

Lynn, i am going in again in a couple months also. I am going to go to a different doc just incase my current one overlooked something. Now we are much more ready than we were when we first started trying. We are trying not to stress out also, just seems like it's something that you can't avoid. The more they tell me not to stress out, the more I really do stress out. Good luck with your big O day!


Char - October 26

Anna, Please keep us updated... I have been holding off meds and just taking herbs right now, but that doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere... Might have to take the Med way.


Shawna - October 26

Hi Ladies, how many of you are constantly asked by friends and relatives when are you going to have a baby? It is really hard for us. We have a 6 year old son, although he was not planned, we love him to pieces. We assumed when we were ready to have a second, it would happen just as quickly. But that hasn't happened. After my son was born I started bcp. I stopped in April and have only had 3 periods. My dr explained it could take up to a year before my cycle is completely normal. I am now willingly to accept that. However, I am having a hard time with everyone asking when #2 is coming!?! Don't peope realize that perhaps there is a reason why our son is 6 without a sibling? I am so tempted to let loose and tell everyone that we have been trying since April, but I am not ovulating regularly and it breaks my heart to have it shoved in my face all the time. It is also really hard to hear my son ask for a baby brother or sister. He is so precious! Thanks for letting me rant and rave! Has anybody ever confronted someone with their fertility issues? What was their response? Please share, I could use a good laugh :-)


Lil - October 26

I have been trying for 6mo now, and I get so frustrated. My dh is so great and supportive but i just cant help feeling so depressed. It is so crazy how the minute u start to try it seems like everyone you know pops up pg. I try to be excited but sometimes it is so hard. I start clomid next month and I cant wait. I just hope and pray that it will work for us. It also kills me because i am such a planner and i have no control over this.


Char - October 27

SHAWNA - my sister actually kept bugging and bugging and bugging until i finally told her that we have been trying for so long and nothing yet. Her reaction was nothing. I don't think she knew how to reply to that or what to say, she just kinda said, "why didn't you tell me" and then went on to talk about something else. Same thing when i told a close friend of mine, she didn't know what to say. My mother passed away when I was 19 but my grandmother and I are close. I would liek to tell her but she gives the old fashioned "well that just means it's not time" response. LIL - I really hope that you keep us updated. it is really nice to know that there is some kind of hope. Tonight was a rough night, one of the frustrating ones where DH really wants to help but he just can't do anything about O.... Felt bad, but more for him because he feels helpless... as do I...


Shawna - October 28

Thanks for the reply Char. I shouldn't complain so much since we've only been trying for a few months. You've had 3 years of this. Congratulations for staying positive. Isn't frustrating that people just don't understand, even our husbands. We know they love us and want children as well, but it is not the same since it is our bodies that are not becoming pregnant. Thank God for these forums. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that my son just lost his second baby tooth and the bad news is that we just found out that my 39 year old aunt has stage one cancer of the uterus. My Grandma died of this when she was 47. Sooo, someone please get a BFP soon, I really need some good news!



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