why cant you u save 1/2 the preseed tube for another night?
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preseed user - August 5

dh and i bd'd tonight and i used 1/2 a tube of preseed. It says dont use again but why? Are they just trying to make us buy more. I live in Canada and once the duty and exchange goes thru its very expensive not to mention the over 5 weeks it took to get to me. Any reasons u gals can think of why i cant save it and use it tomorrow night?


Krystle - August 5

You are not supposed to reuse the applicator because of risk of infection. I used mine last night too and the whole tube was too much. I know it is expensive but while we are ttc I do not want to risk the infection. As long as you are gonna use it in the near future I can't imagine it would do too much harm to reuse it. Just make sure you keep it clean and in a cool dry place. I suppose there is more risk involved when women use real eggwhites as a lube. I have seen some women say that it doesnt carry any chance of infection but it does. and that is surely a risk that I am not willing to take. I have had BV a couple times and it seems I get it easily so thats why I take no risks but if you are not prone to infections then I say go for it. good luck to you and baby dust to all


D. - August 5

I use half tubes all the time and have never had a problem in over two years of use. I've done eggwhites for 4 years and also have never had an infection. I think Krystle has is right: If you get infections easily then don't do it. But if you are pretty hardy, just go for it. You should be fine.


AM - August 5

Is it true about preseed, that its sperm friendly, anyone got pregnant using pressed?


Krystle - August 5

from all the research that I have seen. yes it is sperm friendly. on tcoyf.com there are many women who have conceived using preseed. D. have you ever noticed more of your own ewcm after using preseed? I started using it this cycle and I always have thick creamy cm...that is the closest I get to fertile. this cycle after using it I find that I had my own ewcm. I know it couldnt be the lingering preseed because I noticed it over 24 hrs after I used it. I have seen other posts where it happened to other women too. It is expensive for a lube but I think it is well worth the money. DH loved it too. I like that it is silky..not sticky


AM - August 5

Thanks Krystle. i'm always sceptical about these things, but i think we need to use it.


to Krystle - August 5

I have noticed that. I thought maybe it was because my body was trying to do something right, but now that you mention it, it was only on preseed cycles. Interesting!



Deb - August 5

D...have you ever had success in using the preseed since your 2 years of use?


preseed user - August 5

Thanx D. I've never had BV infections but many yeast infections. I'm not sure what I'll do now (use the other 1/2 or not- I guess I'll decide later). For Krystal I love how it is silky too it's great and feels real, but i have never noticed extra ewcm but i will start to pay more attention and see. We only use it during ovulation time due to cost. I use regular ky (sticky) or astroglide, (oily) the rest of the month.


To Deb. - August 5

I will say this: I was TTC for three years, with two failed IVFs behind me. I took a break. I'm not sure what did it. I was doing acupuncture, meditation, herbs AND preseed but I did get a BFP last August. I lost that baby at 5w2d. I had stopped the acupuncture and herbs when I found out I was pregnant but continued with the meditation and preseed and got pg again in October. It could still have been that the herbs and acupuncture had a lasting effect but I'm sure the preseed helped. So, I use it every time around O. Something worked right so I'm sticking to it.



Deb - August 5

Thanks D! I will be sure to use it this month and hope it works!! I REALLY HOPE THIS IS MY MONTH. ITs so frustrating! Plus if I get prego this month..I will have the baby just in time for summer next year..lol.


preseed user - August 7

well i decided to use the 2nd half of the container the next night when we bd'd. I;ll let you know if i have a problem. since i am prone to yeast infections i was nervous but if i dont try i'll never know and keep spending way too much on the stuff.


Jo - August 8

The thing that was suggested to me is to squeeze the heck of it into a plastic bottle. Then you can use it like you would use your bottle KY and just as needed.



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