why cant periods come on time if not pregnant
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helen - November 14

im over a week late now and i had a test on sat which i thought i saw a fbl so i broughr 2 clearblue tests first one did not work ans second one was neg. i can feel period cramps coming.so disheartnent, why cant periods come on time each month if were not pregnant instead of giving us false hope and going through the heartache of a negative p t every month


Mega - November 14

That's rough. I'm sorry. I know how demotivating it can be to get a BFN after being so late, but to have had a faint pos. first, that must've been a double whammy. Are you usually regular? If this is unusual for you, maybe schedule a beta if AF still isn't there by say tomorrow or Wed. Good luck!


me - November 14

I hear ya chickie! Don't you just love the woman body? It does what it wants to. Sorry about your cramps. I am due tomorrow, so we'll see if she rears her ugly head. Baby dust.


mandy - November 14

me to, i got the cramps as well, and am 2 days late. it sucks to have hope crushed each and every month. why does this happen lord, why??


jewel - November 16

I am also in the same spot. 3 days past due and neg on all test. Having AF cramps for 2 days but nothing..another failed month. I really hate this monthly waiting game. Been ttc for 1 year.Maybe my clock is just running out. Baby dust to all...



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