why cant I get pregnant??????????
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anonymous - September 14

I have been trying for so long and im still young i dont understand. I know that I can get pregant I have a 2 year old with my same husband? I just dont get it?


alexis - September 14

I have been trying to get pregant for the past few years but i can't my last child is 11years old? I just don't get it


mary david - September 15

pls let me know what to do to get pregnant


TC - September 15

Try charting, opk's. Read the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility: It really helps!!


D. - September 15

TC is right. And if it's been so long, definitely talk to your doc about some testing. Maybe it's a hormonal thing, or blocked tubes, or something else that can be preventing conception.


Joy - September 15

We have been trying for about 6 months and nothing. Now my husband is going to get checked, but I really don't think he has anything wrong with him. Everyone in his family is very fertile and have multiple kids. I have checked myself and am okay. I ovulate on the days I should, but maybe I am thinking about it so much that it just does not happen. Does anyone have any suggestions?


K - September 16

i'm having a ton of leakage any suggestions? i've tried the pillow thing, varying times and i still seem to leak a lot. sometimes i feel as though i'm never going to be pregnant.



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