Why cant i get pregnant?
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Becca - September 15

I can't seem to figure out why I can't get pregnant? Everyone else around me is getting pregnant and not even trying. This week alone 3 more people at work are pregnant. I am so focused on having a baby I can't keep my mind on anything else. I don't know what to do anymore!! If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it.


sophie - September 15

i can tell you that im in exactly the same boat as you. I walk around like a zombie. Wake up depressed, sleep depressed, always frowning. It's the only thing on my mind. If anyone has any answers, please tell me too!!!


TC - September 15

Get the book Take (or Taking) Charge of your Fertillity. It's a great reference. But be proactive, it will make you feel better to be searching for a reason than just being diappointed each month.


deana - September 17

I definitley do understand what you're going through, I'm going through the same thing, I've been trying for the past few years and nothing has ever happened, I'm tired of hearing about everyone's success stories, I guess you'll just need to stay patient and keep trying and then one day it'll happen, I hoping the same thing for myself.. Good luck


Rebecca - September 18

I normally go by Becca to but I won't here. I know exactly how you feel. I was so upset after 3 years of trying and not understanding why. I finally was diagnosed with PCOS. I would chart your temps and cervical mucus (learn how at babycenter.com and they will also have a chart to print out) to find out if you are ovulating. Then take this to your doctor and ask for help. If you have been trying over a year you are medically having infertility issues and your doctor should be more than willing to help or to refer you to an RE (infertility specialist) I have been seeing an RE for 6 nearly 7 months now and it has been the first year that I have ovulated every month. I am not pg yet and have just done my 1st IUI and am now in the 2ww. Please, chart your ovulation and see a doctor. Also, find a thread on here that is about what you are going through. It really does help to be able to get on here and have support and a venting spot.



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