Why cann't have baby without calculating days??
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still waiting for the baby - August 27

i m really tired of this process now. just a new routine we are following now. first visit of AF then the medicines and injections accompanied by scanning. after that iui then wait for 2 weeks and again AF gives regular visits..... simply sick and tired of this..... why cann't we have children without calculating days and dates???


D. - August 27

Because maybe back in the 60s some doc told your mom that DES was a good idea. Maybe because men decided that putting extra hormones in our meat was a good idea. Maybe because we thought smoking and drinking was a good idea. Maybe because we tested nuclear bombs in the desert thinking that it was far enough away from everyone to not cause issues. Maybe because...well, you name it. And maybe just because our bodies are a little defective. ANd it sucks and is so very unfair. Your frustration is very well founded. I've been trying 4 years, and I've had IVF cycles, and this Tuesday I'll start IUI and it's tiring and exhausting and sometimes even debilitating. BUt in the end, the reward will be so very much worht it all. That I can tell you with certainty. No MAYBE about it! Good Luck Sweetie. And tons of {{{babydust}}} to you


merlee - August 29

D. good luck on the IUI tomorrow.


D. - August 30

Thanks Merlee!!! {{{Hugs}}}



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