Why can't we get pregnant?!
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Mrs_Hart - May 25

My boyfriend and I have tried to get pregnant since June of 2006. Obviously there is something wrong, but I don't know what. Any suggestions?


Ky_la_02 - May 25

You two are just dating? Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that you two want to start a family, but as a psychiatrist, I know that the mind has great power over the entire body. Have to two talked seriously about getting married? I know it may sound odd, but I’ve known several couples who’ve ttc for years with no luck, but right after they were married, even one couple within two months, became pregnant. It may not be significant to you, but you may want to think about it.


randy - May 26

Have you been to a doctor and had all the tests done? That would be step 1. Of course it would be nice to welcome your baby into a home where mom and dad are happily married...but...if you two are ready and can always keep the baby's interests first you should be fine...make sure you see the doctor, express your concerns...and go from there.


slowpoke01 - May 26

I agree with Randy on this. For years my boyfriend and I have tried to get pregnant and many people told us that maybe we werent getting pregnant because we werent married and all that. Well anyway last year decided to go do the testing and it turns out that my boyfriend has an extremely low sperm count.. we did post coitel test and it showed 5 sperm swimming and the doc said they werent swimming that good so my boyfriend and I decided to use a donor. We had all the testing done on me and everything was fine and I got pregnant in aug. but it was a tubal pregnancy and we had to terminate and so we are trying again this month. Good luck to you and go and have the testing done. Sometimes it is something simple such as an ovulation problem or hormones are out of whack and that can be fixed easily. Most docs say that if you are under 30 years old and been trying for a year and no pregnancy then it is time to seek help. Good luck to you.



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