Why can't I get Pregnant?!? CA
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Criselda - May 31

First of all, I appreciate everyone who is takin their time to read my message... well let me start off by saying I'm 17 years old and I'm engaged to a 26 year old... he doesn't have kids and he has a well caring loving family, our parents both didn't except us at first and now both families are cool with it... well his parents have been wanting us to have a baby since hes the only son who don't have kids and we've been tryin for 4 months straight and nothing... lately its been a daily routine to have sex to see when my fertilization begins... We both love each other so0o much and we want a baby so0o bad!! My cousins both paid $10,000 to get pregnant, but I don't have that money, so please help if y'all have any suggestions, please.... thank you!!


christina - May 31

if you dont mind my asking what did your cousins pay that 10,000 for treatments and such? reason i ask is i am willing to pay what i have to if its gonna work.


christina - May 31

ps- you are young enough that if it takes awhile to concieve there are so many options before having to spend tons, baby dust to all! and all my best to you, hope things work out.


joby - May 31

Hi Criselda, my husband and I are just about to go into our 5th month ttc. There are ladies who have been trying much longer, I know how frustrating it feels when each month af arrives, but please don't get disheartened you are 17 and have plenty of time to become a mum (I'm 32) . Maybe instead of having sex every day, try every other day. His wrigglers will get depleted & worn out! Also try putting a pillow under your hips - gravity helps! Have a search on the internet - there arew some good tips! I'm using ovulation prediction kits this month & examining cervical mucus (lovely - I know!!) to see if that makes any difference. Keep smiling! Jo x


sam - May 31

hey chris, i had my daughter when i was sixteen, my hubby was 22, now almost 5 yrs later, we are trying to have a second one but its been kind of hard and frustrating waiting month after month to see if i'm preg or not but i will say to u to just sit back and relax a bit and maybe if we didnt' stress so much about it, then it would actually happen. good luck in the future!!


Criselda - June 2

Hey... everyone thanx for the advice... I really appreciate it... and for christina... well my cousins i guess talked to a doctor and with technology they got the guys sperm and took out the egg from my cousins tube and they like placed them together and put the egg back in my cousin... and now shes pregnant... my other cousin already had her baby and shes already 40... everything was normal just like a normal pregnancy would be... so0o I hope everything goes well with you and everyone else... k THANK YOU once again



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