Why can't i get pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jessica - August 3

My period was due yesterday aug. 2nd. i had very light spotting in the morning and again this morning. I took 2 of those pregnancy tests that you can take 4 days your period is due on Sat. the first one didn't work and the second one said negative. do you think i could still be pregnant or is it wishful thinking?


jess - August 3

I will happen soon


Anna - August 3

Jessica, wait another three days and if still no af, retest. It could be that your af is just late this month or you may be PG and it is too early to show up on a HPT. Good luck!***BABY DUST***


jessica - August 3

thanks anna.
i already went out and bought another test but may be I'll wait a few more days. bring on the baby dust.



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