why can I get pregnant?
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Sandy - October 15

Since I was 17 years old I’ve been taking the pill. Now I am 27. My boyfriend and I decided it was best if I stopped taking the pill to be able to have a baby in the near future. My boyfriend is 35, and I’ve been off the pill for 9months now. I’ve been told that you do have to wait 2 to 3 months before the pills have no longer effect on your body. We haven’t been the most careful in terms of protecting our self because we do wish to have a baby soon. With my boyfriend being 35, I don’t think we should be waiting much longer. But I’m afraid that we can not have a baby. Why is it I am not getting pregnant?


R - October 15

Your boyfriend has plenty of time. Are you getting married? And why are you with someone that old? Trust me, you are WAY too young to have a baby! And why is your boyfriend dating a teenager?


kerry - October 15

R..I dont think you read the post correct.........Sandy is actually 27 now if you read properly!!!!! Sandy, just give it time, have your periods been regular since coming off the pill??? Keep a diary and if they are regular I would wait a few more months then go see your doctor....good luck!


Jen - October 16

Sandy I am in the same boat. It is driving me a bit nuts. I have been having regular periods, but not preg. Don't know what is wrong.


sherry - October 17

r, she is 27, not 17. sandy, do not worry, it can take a year or even more in a normal woman your age. my friend was saying the same thing, month after month, something has to be wrong with me, and i told her, just wait and see, and now she is 6 months pregnant! get married, and have lots of babies, you are ok iam sure. hugs, sherry



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