Why aren't I becoming pregnant?
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Rena - December 25

I took 2 clearblue digital readout pregnancy tests 4 days apart and they both showed pregnant, but the day after I took the 2nd. one I got my period, tell me why can't my husband and I have a baby? We even tried the ovulation test kit inorder to get our most fertile days and still nothing.


??? - December 25

relax and have an orgasm to suck in the sperm


m - December 26

Have you taken another pregnancy test since your period? You can still bleed and be pregnant, its called early pregnancy bleeding. I had a friend who bled like period untill her fourth month. Take another pregnancy test, and if its postive go see a MD.


Loulouse - December 26

Even before I read m reply , I was thinking about the exact same thing. You never know, you could still be pregnant. I am not trying to give you false hope but it's very possible that you could have some type of bleeding in early pregnancy. It's normal. I am no DR. but I have read and search on the net so much about this stuff. Why don't you get a blood test done. Good luck to you.... I hope you are pregnant. I have an idea how you feel, trust me me and my husband have been trying for our first for over a year now and still nothing.


sherry - December 27

that happened to me, and i had a chemical pregnancy (m/c). if a test goes negative now, most likely you had one to, but you can bleed and be pregnant. my mom did for 5 months. good luck



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