Why are topics not moving up??
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Holly - December 11

Just wondering if it is just my pc or if anyone else is expereincing the same thing.. Usually when I reply to a topic it moves up.. wierd..anyway..sorry that this is off topic..just wondering if this is happening to anyone else.. thanks


Sara - December 11

Hi Holly, I was wondering the same thing. Everything I post dosen't move up either. Glad its just not me.


kotkot - December 11

he he he !!! same here i was checking my internet explorer! baby dust to u all by the way!


ashlee - December 11

you are not alone hehehe. same is happenin to me to!!! i wonder why that is??? now thats a bummer because there was no use at all bumping that question lol. all my replies will probably never be read now lol. have a nice day. baby dust!


MuzikGurl - December 12

whatever happened to "bump" ???? humm...guess they made it this way purpasly so you will have to go and read through as well as maybe get a chance to respond to others and maybe you won't post the same type of question as someone else...I've seen that many of times...anyways...take care and baby dust to you all!


Holly - December 12

Glad to know that it's not just me.. Kinda a pain to have to try to find the topic this way.. I am use to it moving up so that it is easer to find..anyway..hope that it gets fixed.



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