why am i not preg. yet?!
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Jenn - January 10

I'm 20 years old , i've been having a normal period cycle for the past year , my fience and i have been having sex about 2-3 times a week , we don't use condoms becuse we want a child before we get married and we want our child in our wedding.... we have been trying for the past 5 months , i am still NOT PREG. and i'm startin to worry that i can't get preg. Is it me or him or whats the deal? i'm starting to get deprresed that i'm not preg yet!

any info please help i'm desprite to know anything!


Stef - January 10

If anyone could tell you this- please believe me!! I have been there. I am 21, and everyone in my family is so fertile so I thought I would get pregnant so easy. I got off the pill Dec 2004. I wanted a baby so bad, and my fiance and I got so depressed when almost a year went by and nothing. My cycles ranged from 25 days to sometimes 45 days, never regular. I was getting so frustrated thinking I was pg every month, getting a test, and finding out it was negative. I was blamming him and he was blamming me, I would cry and say I am never going to have babies. My stress level was so high and our lives got so busy with jobs & school, we eveutally stopped thinking about it for the time being. My job & school stressed me out so much, i quit school and my job. Weeks later, without even realizing it 7 weeks went by and I never got my period. Finally in November, i discovered I was pregnant. It took us almost a year. But I am telling you it's all about stress level, when you least expect it, it happens. Not to make you even more upset about my sad story, I miscarried at about 5 weeks later, at 12 weeks pregnant. My life really sucks now, but at least I know I can get pregnant and I can try again. I highly doubt its either of your fault, just stop worrying about it- it will happen if its wants to.


Mega - January 10

Even in the case of 2 healthy people with no fertility issues at all it can still take over a year. That's why drs tell women under 35 to wait a year before seeking treatment unless of course there's an issue with their cycle, but that's not the case for you. It's frustrating I know, I've been TTC #1 for 17 mos. now. But unfortunately it's normal for it to take a while. In the meantime though there are simple things you can do to maximize your chances each month. Chart your waking temp., your BBT. Make sure 1) you are ov., 2) learn when you ov, & 3) recoginize your unique fertility patterns. After a year if you're still not pg, have your fiancee get a SA, it's a simple test that tells you lot about the sperm, it's count & quality. Remember lots of things can affect sperm counts for up to 3 mos at a time. Your fiancee should wear boxer shorts, not use a hot tub. Being sick could affect his count too. I hope this info helps. Hang in there, it will happen for you. Unfortunately, not always on your timeframe. Good luck!


Dee - January 11

dont worry...5 months isn't long at all. dh and i have been trying for 15 months now for #1 and still haven't gotten pg yet. i have normal cycles and never went on the pill (as i heard they can cause cancer and it runs in both sides of my family) or used any other types of bc. charting your basal body temperatures can help you find out if and when you ovulate, but only after you have ovulated. so i would suggest using opk's if you really want to get pg sooner because opk's detect your LH surge (the hormone that causes you to ovulate) up to 3 days before you ovulate and gives you a chance to bd w/ ur bf at the right time. if you still haven't gotten pg in 1 year of ttc, then i would suggest you see a RE (reproductive endocrinologist). hope this helps some. good luck!



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