why am i having trouble getting pregnant?
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ashley - December 21

well im 21 and married, my husband an i have been tryng for years to have a child. i have always been irregular in my menstral cycle, but eventually i would have one. but for some reason i never have gotten pregnate. i know that my weight gain has alot to do with that, i have gained 50 pounds over the last 5 years with no change in diet, i have seen doctores but all they do is put me on birth controle. i dont know what to do i want so bad to have a child. please tell me what i should do


medi12 - December 21

hmmm--- 50 pounds over 5 years--- and you have not changed your diet ? have you checked into thyroid testing?

also there are drugs they can give you to make your cycle more regular AND still be able to try to concieve


Kristen - December 21

I bet you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for sure and you need to get on Metformin. It will help you lose weight and it will make your cycles regular. It has done wonders for me.



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