why?? i was so sure!
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devastated - May 16

i just dont understand, im over 3 weeks late and my breasts hurt very much and there swollen and feel firmer... i just did a pregnancy test and its negative, i was so sure im pregnant , now words carnt describe how shit i feel.... i just dont know how much longer i can do "the baby dance"


Mel - May 16

Hi! Completely understand. Been there done that. After this, other negatives are easier to handle (at least they were for me) because I just knew I was then when I wasn't it broke my heart. I've been through a change and it was a lot easier this time. Even it is always on my mind. How long have you been trying? Have you seen your doctor?


devastated - May 16

we have been trying about 6 months, taking prenatal viamins for 4 months this is the only time i thought i was pregnant, i just feel so stupid. i havent seen my doctor but i guess i should now. thanx for responding but i just carnt see it getting easier its just really heart breaking


Mel - May 16

It is VERY devistating. Maybe I was able to distance myself from the hurt.??? But, 6 months is a good time to see your doctor. They may or may not do anything other than some blood work initially though. Have you been charting your temps or anything? My doctor did not make me wait the complete year before putting me on something just because I was charting and was able to positively know that I was not ovulating (instead of just missing o date). We first confirmed it with a pelvic us though.



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