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jakki - June 16

hi! my husband and i have been trying to conceive for almost 6 months now, but everytime he ejaculates, the sperm never stays inside my vagina for very long. i've tried everything from laying completely still to practically standing on my head but nothing works, and i am thinking that this might be one of the reasons that i am not yet pregnant. is this normal? does anyone know what i should do?


Lisa - June 16

Hi some will always come out so this is normal. This happens to most women!!! *~*~*~*~BABY DUST*~*~*~*


Drew - June 16

Hi jakki, I know it feels like most of it comes out, but there probably is enough to do the job. When he ejaculates get him to try to do it when his penis is all the way inside...as far as it can go. The closer it is to the cervix the better. Also try not to keep uuuhhhh....pumping (sorry I couldn't find a better word) after he's done. If you haven't had an orgasm yet, get him to try to finish with his finger or something (its really helpful for the woman to climax too cause it sucks the sperm up) . Elevating your hips slightly may help too. You dont want to do it too high cause the sperm may flow behind the cervix. Most of all try and relax and enjoy the trying!! Hope this helps....Good luck!!


Drew - June 16

Oh my gosh I just read my last post..... I really wasn't trying to be gross or crude!! There really is no nice ways of putting these things! Sorry!!


Lena - June 17

An ejaculate contains both spermatazoa and seminal fluid. The sperm, as you know, fertilizes the egg. The seminal fluid is a buffer for the sperm so that the sperm don't become damaged during the course of ejaculation. It also contain nutrients for the sperm before ejaculation. That goo you experience after intercourse is seminal fluid. Though some sperm cells may be trapped in the seminal fluid, the sperm cells quickly attach to the vaginal cilia, which carry it to the cervix. So yes, you can still get pregnant.


MelissaS - June 17

Hey Jakki. Some leakage is normal. However I am a member on another site also and some women use instead cups to hold it in. If you google instead cups you'll see the site.



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