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Amanda - May 24

Well i got another negative today this is starting to drive me crazy, I Dont know what to do


Amanda - May 24

i hate life i hate people that dont care how you feel and when they hurt you. not only did i get a negative i had a friend sit there and tell me that she wants us to adopt her baby and now she is going back to an abusive bf and tore my heart in pieces why why why why help


Nena - May 24

Amanda be patient. How long you are TTC? I am for 5 yrs and I don't feel as you do. Hope is always there so just try to calm down and don't pay attention to mean people. You know, 5 yrs is very long period and I went through different experiences from the worst ones to the wonderful ones. And remember that stressing too much won't help at all. We will have our baby's I am very convinced. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


Sally - May 24

Hi Amanda, I dont know how long you have been trying but i do feel your pain. Weve been trying for 8 months with no luck, not long comared to some. it is hard to stay calm and its even harder to make people see how you feel. My hubby is so optimistic i could shout at him sometimes! I cry after my neg results and im sick of watching tv with all the pregnant people it does hurt alot. You just need to remember there are others going through the same feelings as you, have you read others comments in the forum? that helps me alot, hearing the feelings they are having and experience, its good to know others are feeling the way we are and the feeling that im not alone makes me feel a tiny bit better. I got to the stage where i couldnt walk into town cos of seeing a pregnant woman, i used to think why her and not me until the day i sat in a cafe feeling sorry for myself and i saw a pregnant woman come in, i was ready to get up and leave when she sat near me, instead i asked her how long she had to go. she replyed 3 weeks, i still felt angry but then i found out it took her 3 years to fall. so now i still get jelous of pregnant women but i understand they probably had a rough time to. See your periods as a positive sign that you are healthy and in working order, dont go mad on watching your diet just eat sensibly and exersise, i hate exersising but now my and my hubby go for long walks, it takes my mind off things a bit, i feel alot better when i get home. I hope i havent sent you to sleep. good luck and i visit here nearly every day if you need a chat. XXXXXXXXXXXXX


Joby - May 24

Sally - you have spoken perfect sense & I think you have just summarised what so many of us are thinking. It's so comforting to 'speak' to other people in the same situation, dh is so supportive but just doesn't understand. Chin up girls we WILL get there. xxx


sophia - May 24

Hi amanda, just take it easy, there are so many of us in the same situation, and i do believe that we just have to keep trying until we become pregnant, We're TTC for more that 1 year already and no success, DH is supportive but sometimes I also feel that he is not that excited with this TTC process because he had a son from a previous relationship already, so sometimes I also feel so down, but when I realize that being depressed over this whole process will not help me. So i'm just waiting for my turn to be pregnant. Baby dust to all of us.


Amanda - May 25

Thank you all for the messages but we have been trying for over a year 6 months with help and a year and a half with my ex husband then he got someone else preg so i left umm to sally See one of my problems is i dont even have a period they have to induce it every month so it is hard.


Cutie - May 25

Amanda, I understand you and feel so sorry for you. Sometimes life just doesnt go right, but always remember that God hears our prayers and He will send us BABIES in His timing.... Yes, its sooooooooo frustrating. I go through that stress every month of getting that AF or a Negative, But I am thankful to God that I am ovulating. LOTS OF BLESSINGS YOUR WAY


christina - May 25

ever feel like the why me and think it is only you, today is one of those days for me and i felt like crawling up in a ball and just crying, i am soooo stressed, sad, and heartbroken, and my husband tries everything to make me feel better. I cant take people with their negative storeis instead of happiness they try to bring you down or look down upon you, and so called friends that know what your going thorugh and consatntly bring it up in your face....I am going on 8 years now and that sticksi n my head, we started trying when i was 22, now gonna be 30, and never thought it was so hard, also been through every procedure test, drug etc and still nothing i dont know how much longer i can stay psoitve to get the negatives.


christina - May 25

i keep saying this is the month, we shall see around the 8 th or so. keep the faith everyone ttc!


amanda - May 25

thanx all yeah i have not ovulated yet they say i might only ovulate once in a year well christine are you ok if you need to talk you can email me at [email protected]


christina - May 25




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