Who takes baby Aspirin???
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greeneyedgemini616 - May 11

Have you ever conceived while taking it??? Does your dr. think it's a good idea??? Someone please share some insight.


chandellina - May 11

you might want to try the pregnancy loss/miscarriage thread because there are women there on it. i believe it is usually started after a positive pregnancy test or sometimes drs say to use it from ovulation day. i haven't tried it myself, i have had two miscarriages though so will probably give it a go if i become pregnant again. (depending on what blood tests i've just had done reveal.)


greeneyedgemini616 - May 11

thank you


DB - May 11

I take it as instructed by my RE. They said it helps get blood flow to the uterus so it helps aid implantation.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 11

I called my RE today and she said the same thing. She also said to take it everyday if I am going to take it.


amanda0203 - May 12

i took baby asprin after last dose clomid til +O only..to prepare and help with lining to prepare for implantation..after that i stopped to eliminate potentially chance of bleeding, cramping, miscarriage after +pregnancy. thank. i am recently have +pregnancy test.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 12

when did you get your +++++? I REALLY think I am pg but I keep testing and it gives me BFN. But my bbs look like I have been nursing. I thought it was in my head but my dp says so and so does my mom even my coworker(female). I am just paranoid so I wanted other peoples opinions. I should say me and that co-worker are really good friends.


BrendaW - May 12

my doc told me to take baby aspirin as soon as i get a positive test. But reading this i will start taking now because i am 1 dpo and if it helps implantation i may try it. is there any negative effect it could have?


KDR - May 12

Now I am confused. I was to take a baby aspirin but, when do I start it to help w/ implantation and when should I stop it to prevent risk of miscarriage???? thanks.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 12

KDR my doc say from now until + test. You want it to help with your implantation. Once that is done you should stop.


BrendaW - May 15

My doc told me to start taking it at + test til delivery???????


BrendaW - May 15

How much baby aspirin are you supposed to take? i was just taking one a day.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 15

My doc said 1 81mg. a day. I don't know about taking it after a +.


Native Girl - May 16

Hi All! I started taking baby asprin while I was trying to conceive and I am 20 weeks pregnant and am still taking it. I heard it helped implamentation and it also thins the blood so that the baby gets good blood flow to it and doesn't clot. I am 36 and have had 2 miscarriages and during the fall last year I did accupuncture and took chinese herbs along with a baby asprin in the morning. When I felt my body was ready and my lining was strong, I went on clomid. While I was ovulating, I took robitusson (clomid dries you up a little) to help loosen my mucus so that the sperm can swim faster. all the while still taking the baby asprin. Lo and behold, I came up pregnant and am due in October. I swear by the asprin and maybe it is crazy, but it helped me. I think what also helped was the ovacue. A little pricy but is to the exact day of when you are ovulating and tells you the best time to get busy. Sorry this story is a little long, but it sure worked for me! Good luck to you all! You are in my prayers!



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