Who regularly spots before AF and got a BFP?
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Cady - March 20

Hi. I've got a question for anyone who is like me and regularly spots 3-4 days before AF is due. Did you experience the same spotting as usual the month you got your BFP? I temp my BBT and know that I begin light brown spotting on 10dpo and get my period on 14 dpo (so a 13 day luteal phase). I spot this way every month, never enough to need a liner though, just visible when I wipe (sorry if tmi!). DH and I have been ttc for about 5 months and each time I saw the spotting, I figured af was on her way (which she was). Today is my 10dpo and I'm seeing signs of the spotting. Instead of totally giving up hope agian for this month I decided to ask you all this: For all you regular spotters like me who got pregnant....Did you or did you not spot as usual before you tested positive? In other words, is there a chance that I could have gotten pregnant this month and still have my "usual" spotting or did you not spot for the first time the month you got you bfp? Please chime in if you're a spotter like me! Thanks so much.


June - March 20

Are you 3-4 days away from your period? if so then its a good indication it's your period, but you never know so your just gonna have to wait and see! good luck


crystal - March 20

i spot just like you everymonth a few days before af. i always hope and pray that it could be implantation but then i cry when i actually start a few days later. probably your period. but good luck. and i'll pray for you hun. have a good day. happy spring


Cady - March 20

Thanks June and Crystal. I am due for no AF this Friday. I actually have not had any spotting yet.....I always get a little 3 to 4 days before af. I always have spotted....since I first got my period 20 years ago, but only a little and right before af. I have never been pregnant before so I was just wondering what will happen when I do. Will I still spot? Is the spotting something to do with low progesterone? I


Cady - March 20

oops...sent that before I was ready. I know implantation spotting is rare and know that my spotting is due to lower levels of progesterone. But as I said I temp and know that my annovualory temps are up high enough to be normal and my luteal phase is a normal length. So imagining that the egg has not implanted yet....this is the time I would normally spot. So would I still spot before I got a bfp? Hmmmmm I hope I'll find out the answer this month! BFPs for us all!!!!! Thanks for your kind responses. Crystal, I cry too....so when I started to see what I thought and what might turn out to be slight brown on the tp, I got so upset. But then it occured to me: If this is normal for me, might I still spot a few days before the egg implants and then turn out to be pregnant? I'll let you know what happens!


June - March 21

Or it may not happen to you at all if you are. Implantion like you said is rare and most dr. don't een acknowledge it as a symptom. It can be many things. I hope you get your BFP soon! :)


Kristi - March 23

Hi there, I ALWAYS spot for 2-4 days before AF comes....I got pg last November and I spotted for about 2 days then it just stopped and found out I was pg after waiting about 5 days with no AF and no more spotting. However, I did miscarry - it was an ectopic pg - but I did get pg, and Dr does not think spotting had anything to do with the ectopic miscarriage, so yes, you can be pg and still spot if that is what is normal for you!!


Lisa - March 24

Hi Cady. I read your post and I had to respond! I always spot for 4-5 days before my period. The month I got pregnant, I spotted for 4 days and then it stopped. I hope this helps. Good Luck.


Amym - March 24

My friend spots 5 days before AF. She tested on day 5 this last cycle and got a BFP. She also started spotting that same day. She had lighter spotting for about 3 days I think and then it stopped. I also spot before AF and wondered if that would cause a problem getting pregnant, but I don't think it does. We just found out dh has a very low sperm count, so we have bigger problems. Good luck to you!!



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