Who performs HSG test?
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Mellie - January 10

I may be having one soon. Will my RE perform it or will a different doctor perform it? I'm hoping that if I need to have this done that my normal RE will perform it.


Tracy88 - January 11

My Ob/Gyn performed it, but not all of them do, some will send you to an RE or specialist. Since you are already seeing an RE, then he/she will most likely be the one performing the test. Ask about it.


Mellie - January 11

Thanks, Tracy88. I'll be having an appt soon and will ask but I wanted to put my mind at ease in the meantime.


mommy2josh - January 11

Mellie, I just had an HSG done yesterday and it was done by my reporoductive endocronologist at a radiology facility. I took 2 Advils beforehand and had hardly any discomfort. The whole procedure took less then 7 minutes. Good luck to you:)


Sara - January 11

Hi Mellie, like the others said you OB/GYN will perform the procedure and the radiologist and the tech will be there to do the flouroscopy part (x-rays). It is very quick test. Good luck.


isa - January 11

MY RE did it at the hospital. Take a light day or mini pad with you as you will leak out the dye after wards. noone warned me and they gave me this huge honking pad that they used back in the 70s to use -It was sick and think and awful. Take your own little one.



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