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DR - January 28

I'm ttc right now and I am confused about insurance. I have a PPO thru my husband. I am on my 1st round of clomid. The insurance paid for most of that prescription. If there is any way I end up having twins (one is plenty for me!) would they cover everything still for both babies? With a PPO how much can I expect the hospital bill to cost? If anyone has a PPO (spec. Blue cross blue shield) who went thru this or knows anything and can offer any insight I'd appreciate it. Thanks ladies.


well - January 28

PPO is a good insurance. With BC/BS they will make the doctor's office ajdust off the amount they do not allow. For example, the delivery is 10,000.00, BC/BS may only allow 8,000.00 so your doctor will adjust off the 2,000.00 and I know with PPO, they will pay 80 to 90% of the 8,000.00 if you have that type of coverage. Deductibles will apply and make sure you go to a PPO doctor and hospital so you will get the best benefits. Hope that wasn't too confusing. Also, call your insurance company and get a definate breakdown of benefts regarding maternity coverage. Good luck!


well - January 28

forgot to add...they will cover all the babies at time of delivery. Just make sure you let the insurance company know that you are pregnant when you get pregnant. That way you can get a pre authorization number for this pregnancy.


DR - January 28

Thanks, that does help a lot. My current doctor is in the network as it is and so is the hospital she is affiliated with, I've just read that some women who take unprescribed clomid don't ever tell their doctor because the insurance won't cover multiples if they do have more than 1 due to u/p use of clomid. Personally, I am taking pres. clomid because I don't ovulate and I am hoping I get just one little bundle of joy soon. But I guess the possibility of multiples is still there. Just didn't know if pres. clomid leading to multiples is still covered. Sounds like it though, i guess.



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