Who has used Clomid & injectibles together?
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Mega - December 12

Hi. I'm about to begin my 3rd IUI this cycle & am ready to get more aggressive! My dr promised that this cycle we could discuss my using injectibles in conjunction with Clomid this month. I'm a slow responder to Clomid, in that it takes me longer than most people to ovulate (though I eventually do). With Christmas being 13 days away, I'd really like to have my IUI on the 23rd. So I'd like to hear from people who have used this combo, & how it worked for them. Both good & not so good stories. Also, what injectible drug did you use? Did you ovulate earlier that way? Did you create more follicles, etc? Thank you!


Mega - December 13



helen - December 13

hi Mega. i used clomid 100mg in the a.m. and follistim 75 iu every other night. it was my 1st stim. and 1st IUI. it worked too welll for me and i stopped taking meds on day 8 of my cycle.(i began on cd 3) i produced 8 follicles between the sizes of 17-18mm before the trigger shot. they asked me to cancel my cycle due the huge probability of multiples. that's my story. after that, i went straight to the injectibles w/o the clomid. the injectibles will probably speed things up and depending on how well you respond to the meds, you'll probably get more follies as well. how many follies did you produce with the clomid alone, and what was your dosage? good luck Mega and wishing you lots of happy baby thoughts!!!


Mega - December 14

Hi Helen. Thank you so much for responding. Currently I've been taking Clomid 100 mgs, & only growing one follie, & it's a very slow go. I have my baseline u/s appt. tomorrow, so I might discuss upping Clomid to 150 mgs. & trying that for a couple cycles before doing injectibles. Sorry you had to cancel your IUI that cycle, but it was probably for the best. How many IUIs with injectibles have you done? Good luck to you too! :)


helen - December 14

Hi Mega. i've done 2 IUI cycles with no success. i was on a low dosage of follistim(injectibles) and produced a good amount of follicles but no luck. so i'm moving onto to IVF at the end of the month. i'm 34 and i have "unexplained infertility" and have been ttc #1 for about 2 years. what about you? you should consider adding the injectibles with your cycle. it's not too bad and maybe you'll see better results. a few ladies on the forum have been using clomid and moved onto the injectibles and have seen much better results. do what you think is best for you. my RE had me on clomid + injectibles because he said that one of the side effect of clomid is weak or thin lining and the follistim supports the lining. do they measure your lining each month? keep me posted on your u/s and hopefully you'll be able to do your IUI before x-mas.


Mega - December 14

helen, good luck with the IVF. From what I've read, the success rate is pretty high with IVF, esp. if you're classified unexplained. I'm 30, TTC #1 for 16 mos. I was dx with PCOS in April, my DH has morphology issues so that's why we've been trying IUI. I originally wanted to try injectibles & Clomid together for this cycle in part to shorten my cycle, but also to grow more follies & hopefully have stronger, better quality follies. But I spoke with a coworker the other day who also went to my RE & she said he'll only prescribe 3 cycles of injectibles before switching to IVF. My DH & I need more time to save for IVF, so we decided to wait on injectibles for at least another couple cycles. And I think I'll ask my dr to do a lap on me in Jan if I'm still not pregnant. Yes, they measure my lining, & truthfully with the Clomid it's not wonderful, but I guess it's not thin enough to be a problem per se either. I'm probably a better canidate for injectibles, but it'll all hinge on whether or not Clomid/injectibles counts against my 3 cycle limit. Do you ever wonder why all this has to be so complicated? Oh well. :) It's definitely worth it. Thanks! I'll keep you posted. Keep me posted too on your IVF cycle. Wishing you lots of baby dust!!!



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