Who has just ended af and trying to get pregnant TODAY?
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LadyD - February 15

I would love to conceive...like... yesterday (smile). Yesterday was the last day of my my af so today I am starting fresh. My cycle is average 31-32 days,5 days of af . I have 1 kid that is 5 and can't seem to conceive another. Any help? When should I try? What should I do? The 1st time around was more than a surprise so there wasn't any keeping track of anything SUCH AS PERIODS, OV, ETC. . HELP!


Shawna - February 15

Hi LadyD, My last day of AF was yesterday as well.I will tell you my story and hopefully it might give you some answers or at least a direction to go in. We have a 6 year old son, who like yours was a complete surprise. Last April, I stopped taking my bcp in hopes of getting pg. However, I have only had 3 periods (on my own) since then. In December, I was sent to get a pelvic ultrasound done. In Jan I went to a specialist. He confirmed what I already thought. I was not ovulating. I also found out I have a small cyst on my right ovary (nothing to worry about). It turns out my hormones are completely messed up from taking bcp for the past 6 years. So I was put back onto bcp for one cycle to start my period. On days 4 - 8 I am taking clomid. I have 1 pill left to take tonight. Clomid tells your ovaries to get busy making eggs that are mature enough to be released and eventually fertilzed. I started my period last Wed (Feb8) and that was cd1, today is cd8. My specialist told us to bd like crazy starting around cd12 -cd20. That would be this Sunday coming up, but of course, since I have no idea how long my cycles are (my last was 57 days!) we will probably start trying tonight or tomorrow. I hope this answers some of you questions. How long have you been trying? Had you taken any form of birth control before ttc? Good luck in your baby making mission! If you want a group to join, you are more than welcome to join the one I participate in. It's called Baby Hopes 2006. There are some fantastic ladies there, very supportive, and willing to help! Check it out!


medas04 - February 15

i would like to know some of the same stuff that lady d wants to know..my cycle is anywhere from 28-32 days 7 days of af i too have one child she is 5 as well got pg in oct and had a m/c. so we are very anxious to get pg again. you are supposed to ovulate 14 days from the last day of af ...correct me if i am wrong but you should bd a few days each day before and after o . you can keep track of your body temp too. you have to do it in the morning though before you even get out of bed. when it goes up, you are close to ovulating..it doesn't go up much but if you keep track of it on a daily basis you'll notice when . sorry but thats all i know ..oh yeah keep track of your cm when it is clear and stretchy like egg whites , then your close to or you are ovulating...so good luck and have fun doing the bd!!!!!


LadyD - February 15

Thank you Shawna. I have been trying for about 6 mths. I haven't been on bc for well over a year now, maybe 2 yrs. and no health problems, no m/c, NOTHING...just frustrated. I try to just let it happen naturally but for some reason the last few mths I can't think of anything else! Can you ovulate immediately after your af? Good luck to all trying and let me know who succeeds!


Shawna - February 15

LadyD, I know nothing about ovulation. If I were you I would go to the doctor and ask about getting some blood work done. That will tell you if there is anything off in your body whether it's hormones or thyroid or something else. A pelvic ultrasound will show you what's going on with your girls and depending when you get it, it may show if you have any follicles (eggs in the ovaries). The ultrasound proved that my ovaries were producing eggs, but they were not maturing, which would explain some spotting that I had. So I really hope this is the month for me. However, we are freaking out a bit as clomid increases the chance of twins to 1 in 10. But we'll take whatever we can get! Good luck to you as well.



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