who has had a HYSTEROSCOPY ?
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patrizia - November 7

hi- i am having a hysteroscopy done november 17 for a possible polyp formed after fsh injections. what is it like ? is it painful ? thanks !


luvmyliluns - November 7

hi there. Yes I had one in May 2005. It was combined with a laproscopy too. I was really happy with it. I felt really bloated for about 2 days after. If you have never had surgery before you will probably have insanely nasty gas ( they fill you up with gas to better do their job). lol. Also, if they find anything they will usually get rid of it. I went in to remove a polyp and they also removed some endometriosis that they found while in there. So that was something I would have probably had to deal with later on if they hadn't found it. Good luck with your surgery.


patrizia - November 7

thanks luvmyliluns---i did have a hysteroscopy also back in march 06---but i was under anestaesia---from laparocopy. ---but this time it is diagnostic hysteroscopy. --(just an exam)--so i will be awake. thanks



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