Who has gotten Pregnant with CLOMID??
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wanthappychubbybabies25 - December 24

Question: I got pg on the first round of clomid 50mg/glucophage 1500mgs in 2002. I got pg with 100mg clomid and 1000mg glucophage in 2005 but had a D&C due to a "blighted ovum", I hate that word. Please list success stories with clomid and/or glucophage/metformin. ?


DB - December 28

I am currently 35 1/2 weeks pregnant thanks go Clomid (100mg) and Metformin (1500mg), trigger shot to induce ovulation and progesterone after bfp. I could not ovulate on my own and I'm so happy that the clomid did work. My first cycle with 50mg was a bust, but the 100mg cycle gave me two follicles. I also was seeing an RE who did very close monitoring, so I was very happy with her. Good Luck. I'm sure you'll get your bfp soon.


DB - December 28

thanks TO clomid..not GO.


tonyaandjoe - December 29

db what does GO mean.


Tink - December 29

i did it for 6 months, 2 of those months with IUIs/trigger shots and no luck. i had great response though- in fact almost overstimulated----i had 7 mature follies both IUI cycles......you would think at least one of seven would fertilize....but no such luck. i am on my second round of inejctables now and like them a lot better----less side effects. i hope the clomid works for someone though! it did what it was supposed to, but did thin my lining, which was part of our problem. good luck ladies!



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