who has gotten BFP from IUI's?
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Amym - March 24

I believe I will need to have IUI's done due to dh having a low sperm count. I was wondering how many people have gotten a BFP from this and after how many cycles? How many have had IUI's due to low sperm count? Thanks for the help!!


J - March 24

We did IUI because my husband has a high overall count, but very low motility and morphology, so he still has a lower number of normal, healthy sperm. I got pregnant from the first one. I'm 34 weeks now with a baby girl. Good luck!


aj - March 24

we did iui due to unexplained infertility. i got pregnant after the 3rd try. make sure you use opk's to determine the best day for iui. good luck.


isa - March 24

good luck we've done 5 (4 of them medicated- 2 were clomid & injections, 2 just injections) and I had 2 chemical pregnancies (fertilized but failed to implant properly and lost them). I have ultrasounds and bloodwork done to determine the best days for iui. The 4 medicated cycles we used the hcg trigger to release the eggs. The natural cycle I ovulated on my own so I didnt need it.


Amym - March 24

Thanks for your replies. I am so scared dh and I will never have a child and hearing others who have gotten BFP's makes me feel a bit more at ease that it can happen. Congrats to your BFP's!!



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