Who could be daddy?
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unsure - July 20

I am young and this question may not pertain to this topic but the 1st day of may last period was may 1 and I had sex with my boyfriend after my period and man #2 may 27th so who is more likely the father?


To unsure - July 20

Are you even sure you are pregnant? If so then, it all depends on your cycle length, or how many days between each period. If you typically have a 28 day cycle then you could ovulate any where from day 13-15 of your cycle. If your cycle is longer then would ovulate later into it. Unless you have really irregular periods, like I do I would say it would be the guy you had sex with closer to the middle of the month. Hope this helps you some, but the only sure way to know is a paternity test when baby is born.


Taneka - July 20

It depends on your due date and it depends on how long your cycle is most woman ouvlate about 8-10 before there period so most likely man number 2 I would need more info to really tell you



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