Who are all the Christmas morn testers this month?
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lovemy3 - December 9

Hi there. This month my test day falls on Christmas. Just wondering who else is on the same day? Lets hope and pray for a Christmas miracle XOXO


leahb5 - December 9

hello i am also going to test christmas day. this is my second month not taking anything and have a great cycle. last mo(first mo no drugs) was 30days. well christmas day will be 28days so i'm going to pray that i find out on that day!!! if not next month i start injectables(bravelle and ovidrel) and iui. so either way i'm looking forward to it!! how about you what are you taking, how long have you been trying and any reason why you cant concieve? i've been trying just over 2years. took clomid 6mo. letrozole 3mo. lap to remove endo last feb. other than that i'm unexplained! how frustrating...but it will be worth it!!!


lovemy3 - December 11

Hi there, I am ttc my 4th and have been trying 8 months. My first 3 were concieved right away. I am going to the dr in jan 2007 to see whats up. I am 37 and no meds, just using opks at this point. We will be in Florida on vacation and in Magic Kingdom Christmas morning. Lets hope and pray we get BFP's that morning...Blessings.


hapistuff - December 12

This is my second round of Clomid and Ovirel. My 28thCD is Sat. Dec 23rd. If no af I plan on testing on Christmas. *****Baby Dust to us all! *****



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