White Mucus
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Kim - April 7

I am 10 days past ovulcation. (I am the one who posted that I successfuly ovulated on my fisrt cycle of clomid) Anyway, my temps have been elevated the past ten days and I have symptoms like my period is coming. Also, I have a lot of milky mucus. Does anyone know if white milky mucus is a sign of pregnancy.


bumpp - April 7



Claire - April 7

I want to know the same. I've already ovulated and now i'm getting cm but i'm due on Monday so i'm think it's just pre-period?


H - April 7

Usually before af do you dry up? Most women do... You will have cm when you become pg because the mucus is building the form the plug.


bump - May 6



Melissa - May 6

Hi Kim. Your cm does increase with pregnancy, but white milky cm may not be the indication you should go by. I generally have that right before o and af. However, I read that if your temps are high for 18 days straight that is a sign. I would wait at least a week then test. Good luck.



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