while TTC- is tylenol sinus ok to take for head cold?
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dina - February 24

family doc said ok to take but want to make sure by looking into it. I am only cd 4 so nowhere near ovulation. Is it ok to take ? My head is ready to explode my head and regular tylenol hasnt helped.


Mega - February 24

Most tylenol products are pregnancy-safe, so esp. since your dr said it was okay, you should be safe taking that. But right now, at only CD 4, for the next few days at least you can really take anything. Most OTC woudln't stay in your system long enough to harm the baby should you conceive this cycle. But better safe than sorry. I hope the Tylenol sinus works for you. Head colds can be pretty miserable. Feel better!


dina - February 24

Mega thankyou so much you have made me feel better. I am off to go get some and you are right it is miserable.


Tracy - February 24

Dina, just don't take the Tylenol Sinus after like cd10. The pseudoephedrine in it can cause your cervical fluid to dry up, so avoid it around your fertile time. Perhaps to make sure you have sperm-friendly cervical fluid at the crucial time, start taking plain Robitussin (Guaifenesin) around cd10 all the way through ovulation. My doctor took me off of all of my allergy meds so they would dry up my fluids. Good luck and feel better.


Tracy - February 24

Meant to say he took me off all my meds so they would NOT dry up my cervical fluid.



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