Which vitamins?!!!
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Faye - September 17

Can anyone please tell me which vitamins are recommended for both men and women when TTC!!


miranda - September 17

ask your dr to put you both on pre care concieve....it is for woman and men and helps the viability of sperm....its fairly cheap too but you only get it by script....for a month supply i pay without insurance 21 dollars...


Faye - September 17

Thats great but I am in UK and not sure if our docs give out vits !!!


merlee - September 17

This is just from my research, but you should be taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid (you can get them without a prescription). Your partner should also take a multivitamin daily with vit C. Zinc is supposed to be great for TTC for both men and women. There are a lot of herbs that are supposed to help but I suggest you start with the basics - vitamins.


M - September 18

I buy Sanatogen ProNatal Vitamins from Boots Chemist which contain all the vitamins recommended for conception, pregnancy & during breast feeding.



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