Which OPKs do you recommend?
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Angie - March 4

We are going to get our 1st IUI done this month. Since we are not going to use any medication, we need to use a OPK. I have used some brands before, but I also want to know which brand you guys have used and which one was reliable. Thanks and good luck to you all.


Ann - March 4

My dr's office wants us to only use two brands. One is called Assure, but I can't remember the other. You can only find them at certain pharmacies, but they are supposed to be more accurate. Hope this helps!


Ann - March 4

I just found the other brand in my paperwork. It is called Ovuquick.


Angie - March 5

Thanks, Ann.


K - March 6

My doctor recommends his patients use the Clear Blue Easy OPKs.


Angie - March 6

Thanks, K. Is that the one with a smile? My doctor specifically told me not to use that one....


Melissa T - March 6

OK girls, my last AF was Feb 5 and I am normally a 26-28 day cycle and today is day 29, and I am
NEVER late, I had a LAP Jan 10 of this year and I was wondering when do your think I should take a test, this was also our first time using a OPK!!


Ann - March 6

MelissaT, on what day did your opk say you Oed?



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