which insurance covers part of IVF or whole IVF
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aish - November 1

i am going for my IVF cycle next mth ...wanted to know that which ins. cover little bit or full ...i am searching for new job and i am looking for insurance...please respond...


HeatherP - November 1

I think it varies from State to State as well as what type of insurance the employer has. There are some states that mandate some coverage for fertility treatments. See the following link for which states have mandates: http://www.inciid.org/article.p
I live in Texas and have United Healthcare and IVF is not covered under my employer insurance. I am also having my first IVF this month. Here's hoping our first IVF's result in BFP's for both of us!! Good luck!


cmelissa - November 1

Good luck Aish! I have Cigna and they cover nothing as well! I heard Aetna covers some of it though. You should come join the Oct/Nov IVF'ers a lot of us doing IVF for the 1st or 2nd time - very helpful and informative thread!


Tink - November 1

Heather- where are you in TX? I am in Dallas (Plano specifically) and also have United currently. How much are you guesstimating for the IVF costs out of pocket? ---- I didn't realize it, but they (my company's united coverage) do cover IUIs for me, but not IVF or drugs. they have covered my ultrasounds too (and lap), but i think the RE submits them under something else so that they are covered. i had paid out of pocket for the first 2 IUIs not realizing it was covered. i only found out later and have now submitted the claims and am waiting to get my $800 back! ------------Aish- also keep in mind, just because you have united insurance, doesn't mean you get the IUIs covered, the coverage is decided upon by the individual companies. So united ins can vary from company to company depending on what that specific corporation agreed to cover through their policy. I am actually losing my UNITED coverage- they are switching us to Cigna in January and this new policy will not even cover IUIs plus it only covers 90% of hospital, surgery (lap) and delivery. my current united covers 100%. so i am going to get screwed in 07. trying to get in as many free IUIs before Dec 31st as I can! lol


ROBYN - November 1

I have Avmed and I am going thru my 1st cycle of IVF they cover absoluely nothing the only injection they cover is Lupron which costs 179.00 with a 75 co-pay. We have to pay everything out of pocket. We are on a shared risk program with 6 IVF cycles everything included except meds. so we paid a large sum up front if it doesnt work we get 70% of our money back not including meds which run for us 3000.00 a month. Wish you good luck like CMELISSA said come join us if you would like on OCT/NOV IVF thread.


Ann1 - November 2

I have Aetna and I used to have United Healthcare. They both cover fertility treatments (including ivf) up to $25K. However, the way they calculate what goes into that $25K varies--the Aetna one is better. However, Aetna has many plans. Mine is an EPO.


aish - November 2

well today my nurse told me that ur med will cost me around 5grands plus the IVFcost... i cried alot as its so difficult to pay 25 grands oh gosh lot of money recently we bout a house also...i dont know what its in my store...well i think i am getting metlife insurance and i have no idea whether it will cover it or not...


HeatherP - November 3

Tink - I am in the Dallas area as well! I will be doing my IVF at Presbyterian Hospital which is one of the best in the country regarding IVF. Including the medications, hospital fees and doctor fees it is an astounding $10,000 so I have A LOT invested in this cycle. I start the injections tomorrow so I should be going for my egg retrieval and tranfer sometime around November 13-15th. Getting nervous!! That is awesome that you have at least some coverage on your insurance for the IUI's. Where are you at in your cycle? Do you see an OBGYN or an RE? Do you have a diagnosis or unexplained infertility? Mine is unexplained, although DH does have a low count. Another reason why the RE suggested we go ahead and move up to IVF. We should start a Dallas thread! Good luck to you!!


ginger6363 - November 3

Hi Heather, does your RE participate in the Shared Risk program? I've heard some women on this forum talking about that for their IVF procedures and it seems like a really good deal.



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