where to buy Clearblue easy test sticks
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LeslieK - March 12

Hi! I am fairly new to this site, been reading for a few days but haven't posted a question until now. I cannot find any Clearblue Easy OPK test sticks for the digital monitor. I live in Seattle and have ordered some more through Amazon, but I am out as of tomorrow! Help! Does anyone know where you can buy them locally? THANK YOU!!


kristie - March 12

Hi, i have a web site that may have what u are looking for and its in the usa i think www.babywishes.org. Get back to me and let me know if thats what you a looking for. Good luck and lost of baby dust!!!


Kathy - March 12

Do you have a CVS or another pharmacy? Call & see if they carry them. Maybe even your grocery store. Hope you find them.


LeslieK - March 14

I was able to find some at my local Walgreens. Unfortunately after I used one today, I noticed that they expire march '06. That kind of ruins the 3 month supply thing. Has anyone had any trouble with expiration dates or should I try to return it? THANKS!


ConfusedMom2B - March 14

I would try to return them. Even if you have opened and used the package, they will put them in their damages and charge them back to the store.. Used to work at CVS, that is what they do. :)


kare21162 - March 14



kare21162 - March 14

LeslieK ~ I live in washington as well.


kare21162 - March 14

I would try to return it with your reciept. Those are expensive and if you just bought them then you should be able to use them all before they expire. They are supposed to take them off the shelf in time.


Lilu - March 14

Leslie... did you get the clearblue easy read digital opks? I got mine on ebay for cheap and I just used them for the first time and they are great. It takes all the guess work out of it. I got my 2 smiley faces over the weekend!! Originally they cost $39.99 for 7 sticks and I got 14 sticks on ebay for $35 and they are in date!! hehe.


LeslieK - March 15

I'm going to try and return then tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes. I had to find these at the drug store because I miscalculated how many I had from my last box which I did buy on Ebay for a great deal ( I think 30 bucks). So the 49.99 sticker price at Walgreens was quite a shock! I will keep you posted on what they say. Kare21162 what part of Washington are you in? I'm frustrated because I haven't had a peak day yet this month and I'm on CD 15 already. Unusual for me.


LeslieK - March 16

Wa;greens let me return them and they were extremely apologetic. Luckily my other ones came from Amazon so I didn't miss a day. Thanks for the advice!



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