where is your faith
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starr - October 29

I pray in the name of Jesus, that God will bless everyone on this site, with a healthy baby boy or girl. I stand in the gap for u believing that God will bless you this month. We take a stand against Af today. We declare Victory!! If you believe begin to thank our heavenly father for our blessings. He said in His words to be fruitful and multiply. Do you remember Hannah? Hannah made a vow to the Lord. She said old Lord of hosts, if You will indeed look on my affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, but will give me a male child, then I will give him back to you Lord all the days of his life. So ladies make your vow to the Lord. Dedicate your child to him. I say in Jesus name, "Be in peace, and may the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him. Now let's rejoice


dude - October 29

Is it Sunday already?


starr - October 29

everyday is Sunday..I will pray many blessings for you.Has anything work for you. If you only believe on Sunday you will have a problem. So if u don't want to believe for yourself. I will do it for u. I know without a doubt this is my month.


LMF - October 29

Thank you for your prayers I am a believer in my Lord and I do believe that the Lord will bless me with child . A child that I want so very much. I also believe that I need to keep my patience and Faith and soon I shall be blessed ! Thank you and may God Bless You as well Please say a prayer for me as I will do the same for you!


* - October 30



Nita - October 30

Starr, You are a blessing and thanks for your AWESOME prayer!! God is good and especially during times when we get wrapped up in what we feel or dont feel or are told and or not told. i was told that my test was positive on 10/25 and then told on 10/27 becaause my levels didnt double to stop taking my meds becasue I would be getting a period soon. Now its 10/29 and I still dont have my period. So I'm not believing the doctors report right now. I'm believing God's. God will work ALL things together for the good. I keep quoting Deuteronomy 7:13 that says and He will love thee, and bless thee, and multiply thee: he will bless the fruit of they womb. and Deut. 28: 4 (I also have this on my tags) Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body. I just went through my first IVF and it has been up and down but through it all I thank God and continually try to keep everything positive. Again thanks for your positivity and prayer. Many blessings


Leesa F - October 31

Hi Starr, Your post is very uplifting. I have been trying to conceive for several months and just found out that I have finally done it, now I am just so scared that I will have another miscarriage so PLEASE say a prayer for me that God Will Bless me with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child! Thank You for your prayers God Bless and Take Care!


Molly - October 31

I yam a whole hearted believer in God, but I am feeling a bit failed by him today. Af showed up again to day, we have been trying for 13 months, going into my 3rd round of Clomid, tons and tons of prayer. I feel alone and unheard and I know that sounds selfish, but its hard to stay positive and blessed when this all seems so hard. If God wants us to multiply, why can't I?


av - October 31

Thanks so much for your upliftment today. I have been ttc for 6yrs 6ths now and still have not given up my faith. I know that what HE has done for others the good Lord will do for me as HIS words HE has spoken do not return void to HIm. HE says be fruitfull and multiply and I know am a child of HIM. Thanks again and pls always remember me in prayers.


TOstarr - October 31

Thank you for your prayer i do it everyday more than hour i feel like i did somthing wrong that i dont deserve a baby, well hope god would forgive me !


starr - October 31

LMF, Nita, Lessa, Molly, and AV, Angels heed the VOICE of God's Word (Psalms 103:20). There is power when we come in agreement with one another. The word of God says that-Where two or more are gathered in Jesus's name there God is in the midst of them. That whatever we touch and agree on will be established. That's why the enemy wants us to keep our mouths closed. To not share our burdens with others. Silence can be a killer. With silence the enemy can destroy our very souls through torment. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. I asked God if He would bless us this month, or next month,but within this 2005 year with a healthy little boy or girl? Father we asked that you protect us from miscarriages, and show us how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. We are thanking you in advance for your miracles in Jesus name. We have to humble ourselves before the Lord, and he will lift us up. I saw brown spotting today, but I still say this is my month!!!


Molly - November 1

Thanks Starr, keep it coming!


Chris - November 1

Starr, thank you for your prayer. I too believe in God but i have to admit, i'm starting to feel like he is playing a cruel joke on me. I know it sounds wrong ( grew up going to catholic schools all my life), but i have asked, knocked and seeked! Nothing! Girls unmarried, no job, on crack and welfare seem to have no problem conceiving. I'm starting to question "why" and i know i shouldn't. Thank you for your prayers and reading your post brought me back to where i need to be...thanks a million...


starr - November 3

Well I go for a blood test today to see if I'm preg.. Pray for me! As I said, I do believe this is my month!


Edy - November 3

Starr- I pray that all goes well with your blood test today. I I know that God will bless me and my dh soon. I am trying to be patient and keeping my faith strong. I know it is in his plan, but also in his timing!!! Let us know when you get your test back!!!


CC - November 3

I said a little prayer for you today.Hope you (and we all) get the BFP we deserve!



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